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Name Email Office Hours Phone Department Title
Lacey, John john.lacey@csulb.eduCOB 413 John LaceyHours562.985.4576Accountancy
Lacey, Kathleen kathleen.lacey@csulb.eduCOB 418 Kathleen LaceyHours562.985.5668Legal Studies in Business
Lahlou, Michael michael.lahlou@csulb.eduCOB 345 Michael LahlouHours562.985.4561Management/HRM
Lakpour, Shirin shirin.lakpour@csulb.eduCOB SSPA-337 Shirin LakpourHours562.985.5071Information Systems
Landa, Sabrina sabrina.landa@csulb.eduCOB 451 Sabrina LandaHours562.985.5754Accountancy
Lau, Ron ron.lau@csulb.eduCOB 454 Ron LauHours562.985.7688Accountancy
Laurie, Dennis dennis.laurie@csulb.eduCOB 323 Dennis LaurieHours562.985.4433Management/HRM
Le, Steven V. steven.le@csulb.eduCOB 332 Steven LeHours562.985.1608Finance
Le, Steven steven.le@csulb.eduCOB 332 Steven LeHours562.985.1608Graduate ProgramsCo Director MS Finance
Lee, Sam sam.lee@csulb.eduCOB 342 Sam LeeHours562.985.8110Marketing
Lee, Yoojin yoojin.lee@csulb.eduCOB 400 Yoojin LeeHours562.985.2718Accountancy
Len, Sarah sarah.len@csulb.eduCOB 200 Sarah LenHours562.985.4830Office of the DeanDevelopment Coordinator
Levy, Michelle michelle.levy@csulb.eduCOB 363 Michelle LevyHours562.985.8551Graduate ProgramsCDC
Li, Tianshu 334 Tianshu LiHours562.985.8945Information Systems
LiHang, Sina sina.lihang@csulb.eduCOB 252 Sina LiHangHours562.985.7556Instructional TechnologyInfo Tech Consultant
Lin, Ping ping.lin@csulb.eduCOB 401 Ping LinHours562.985.4560Accountancy
Liu, Ying ying.liu@csulb.eduCOB 429 Ying LiuHours562.985.4554Information Systems
Liu, Ying ying.liu@csulb.eduCOB 429 Ying LiuHours562.985.4554Graduate ProgramsDirector MS Info. Systems


Primary Address
College of Business, COB 200
California State University Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach, California 90840
COB Dean's Office: 562.985.5306
Campus Operator: 562.985.4111
Campus Police: 562.985.4101
Emergency: 911
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