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Name Email Office Hours Phone Department Title
Gaynor, Greg greg.gaynor@csulb.eduCBA 451 Greg GaynorHours562.985.2364Accountancy
Giannone, Patricia patricia.giannone@csulb.eduCBA 333 Patricia GiannoneHours562.985.5698Legal Studies in Business
Giannone, Terrence terrence.giannone@csulb.eduCBA 414 Terrence GiannoneHours562.985.4565Legal Studies in Business
Gibbs, Michael michael.gibbs@csulb.eduCBA 450 Michael GibbsHours562.985.4564Finance
Gomez, Alejandra alejandra.gomez@csulb.eduCBA 200 Alejandra GomezHours562.985.7696Office of the DeanAcademic Operations Analyst
Gomez, Elizabeth elizabeth.gomez@csulb.eduCBA 207 Elizabeth GomezHours562.985.2264Office of the DeanDirector of Development
Gonzales, Andrew andrew.gonzales@csulb.eduCBA 318 Andrew GonzalesHours562.985.5664Management/HRM
Gonzalez, Laura laura.gonzalezalana@csulb.eduCBA 420 Laura GonzalezHours562.985.1560Finance
Grace, Debra debra.grace@csulb.eduCBA 406 Debra GraceHours562.985.5758Accountancy
Grandy, Jake jake.grandy@csulb.eduCBA 301 Jake GrandyHours562.985.4579Management/HRM
Grosflam, Jay jay.grosflam@csulb.eduCBA 100 Jay GrosflamHours562.985.4126Center for Student SuccessAdmin Analyst
Grutzmacher, Carol carol.grutzmacher@csulb.eduCBA 200 Carol GrutzmacherHours562.985.8620Office of the DeanSpecial Asst to the AD on Enrl Mgmt
Gupta, Pia pia.gupta@csulb.eduCBA 415 Pia GuptaHours562.985.2466Finance
Gurumurthi, Suri suri.gurumurthi@csulb.eduCBA 313 Suri GurumurthiHours562.985.5671Management/HRM
Gutierrez, Maricruz maricruz.gutierrez@csulb.eduCBA 100 Maricruz GutierrezHours562.985.5332Center for Student SuccessAdvisor


Primary Address
College of Business, CBA 200
California State University Long Beach
1250 Bellflower Boulevard
Long Beach, California 90840
COB Dean's Office: 562.985.5307
Campus Operator: 562.985.4111
Campus Police: 562.985.4101
Emergency: 911