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California State University, Long Beach
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Autoclave Safety Policy and Training

All personnel who use a CNSM-owned autoclave must successfully complete the autoclave training/authorization process and be specifically approved to operate each unit. Persons/labs that do not follow these rules are subject to loss of autoclave access pending completion of an appropriate retraining session. This policy has been adopted in an effort to reduce operator injuries and the cost of repairs due to improper use.

This CNSM Safety policy requires that each operator of a College or Department-owned autoclave be trained and approved for autoclave use by specifically designated personnel.

Video Training

A series of autoclave training videos are available on Canvas. You may complete the autoclave training by following the procedure below:

  1. Use the Request Autoclave Training form. You must use your CSULB email address.
  2. You will be added to a Canvas "CSULB - Research Training" group and notified via email.
  3. Log onto Canvas.
  4. Read the info document and watch all autoclave training videos.
  5. Email the appropriate area autoclave supervisor for in-person practicum.