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California State University, Long Beach
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Injury Response Procedures for CNSM Employees

Employee Injuries

Emergency: DIAL 911 from a campus phone or call box.

Workplace injuries are usually treated at no cost to the employee when the correct procedures are followed. CNSM employees (faculty, staff, TA, GA, SA, WS, RA etc.) injured while in the course of their employment should immediately notify CNSM Safety Office personnel (John de la Cuesta) at x55623. This will ensure the injured employee is sent to the appropriate facility with the required paper work. If Safety Office personnel are not available, contact Henry Wu at x54646 or Cheryl Velasco at x52366. If the injured party is a Foundation employee, the Foundation Benefits Coordinator must also be contacted at (x57635). Non-emergency transportation may be arranged by the Safety Office.

See the Worker's Compensation flow chart for an explanation of the procedure.

Workplace injury procedures are posted in all department offices and in the College office.

Employee Responsibilities Regarding Student Injuries

Injured students should be informed that they are responsible for all medical costs incurred through treatment at any location other than Student Health Services. This includes treatment sought for severe injuries (necessitating off-campus treatment) or injuries that occur when the SHS is closed; EVEN IF THE STUDENT WAS INJURED IN CLASS. Please inform your students that the ASI maintains a student health insurance policy for students.