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California State University, Long Beach
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Heat Illness Prevention Training for Students

Please note that this training is only for students. Employees and supervisors access training through Single Sign-On. Please see Heat Illness Prevention Training for more information. For the purposes of this training, paid student assistants are considered employees and should complete the employee training.

Students Only: please view Heat Illness Prevention Training for Students (PDF), and then complete the quiz below. Upon submission of the quiz, you will receive a confirmation email with your quiz score. While a perfect score is required to pass, there is no limit to the number of times the quiz may be retaken before the required perfect score is achieved.

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About You


Please choose the best answer for each question below.

1) All heat illnesses are preventable.
2) The effectiveness of perspiration (the body's natural cooling mechanism) is decreased as the relative humidity increases at a given temperature which can increase the likelihood for heat illness to occur.
3) Contributing factors to heat-related illnesses include:
4) Heat stroke is the least severe form of heat illness and is not life threatening.
5) Heat cramps are muscle pains and spasms due to heavy exertion and are best treated by:
6) Heat exhaustion can occur from heavy work under hot and/or humid conditions and is best treated by:
7) Heat stroke is the most serious heat illness and is best treated by:
8) If you or someone in your group begins experiencing symptoms of any heat illness you should:
9) If a person loses consciousness, this could be symptom of heat stroke and emergency services must be contacted immediately.