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California State University, Long Beach
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Lab Security Regulations

The CNSM Lab Security Form is available via: CNSM Lab Security Regulations (PDF).


This policy is mandatory for all College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (CNSM) personnel.

Research Lab Security

  • Research Labs shall be locked outside of normal work hours (7:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday) and when unoccupied. Lab supervisors will determine the policy of locking doors during normal working hours.
  • Entry to all research (non-teaching) labs in the CNSM is restricted to trained, authorized key holders and other individuals authorized by the faculty in charge. The exception being that escorted guests are allowed into these labs by the lab supervisor, appropriate administrator, or staff member in charge.
  • Supervising faculty/staff shall use the standard form, page two of this policy, to create a list of authorized individuals for labs. This list, posted on the interior of the lab entry door(s), shall be updated as safety-trained personnel join or leave the lab.
  • Students (graduate and undergraduate) may work alone in the lab outside of normal work hours if permission is granted by the lab supervisor and that permission is indicated on the posted Approved Personnel list. Hazardous work, as determined by the lab supervisor and the Science Safety Office, may not be carried out after hours unless approved in writing by the lab supervisor and the Science Safety Office.
  • Key holders are responsible for the security of their keys. Keys shall remain on their person or otherwise secure when working in lab. Keys are not to be left on tables, desks, benches, or other areas in plain sight.
  • Loaning of State keys is strictly regulated by California Penal Code 469.
  • Keys to common-use areas shall be stored out of sight in secure locations within labs.
  • Room access by custodians, FM workers, police, and other first responders is governed by the CNSM Access Policy, which is on the Science Safety Office website.
  • If an unauthorized individual gains access to your lab, inform them of the security policy and politely ask them to leave the lab. If needed, call Campus Police. Do not place yourself in danger by aggressively confronting unauthorized people. Let the police handle it.
  • FOR EMERGENCIES DIAL 911 from any phone. For non-emergencies, please dial the University Police non-emergency number: 562.985.4101

Approved by CNSM CDC on December 4, 2012 (effective date – January 22, 2013)