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California State University, Long Beach
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Boating Safety Training

All operators and persons on board involved in CNSM boating operations (motorized watercraft) must participate in the CNSM Boating Safety Program, in order to help ensure that boats and equipment are operated in a safe and responsible manner. Read the CNSM Boating Safety Manual which defines the program and participant responsibilities. Marine Biology Technician Yvette Ralph has the latest Boating Safety information and can be contacted for further information at (562) 985-4907 or

All persons on board a vessel piloted by CNSM personnel should be one of the following: University/Foundation employee; CSULB student earning academic credit directly related to watercraft usage; or a registered volunteer with the College of Natural Sciences or CSULB. Guests are seldom appropriate because they create potentially unlimited personal liability for staff and faculty (see Risk Management Memo 96-07 for more information). Boat operators must be in good standing with the Program, including the satisfactory completion of the CNSM Boating Safety Training.

Project Supervisor Responsibilities

All faculty directing University projects involving motorized watercraft are responsible for ensuring that all watercraft operators he/she supervises or directs have completed the CNSM Boating Safety Program Training and are currently authorized to operate motorized watercraft. The supervisor is responsible for providing information and project training to each supervised individual regarding the specific hazards to which the person (including guests and those who do not operate the watercraft) may be exposed while performing his/her duties. The supervisor must also direct all participants to read this manual. This training shall be provided at the time of initial assignment and whenever a new type of hazard is introduced into the project procedures. Project supervisors must ensure that they never direct an inadequately trained student/employee to perform a potentially hazardous operation. The project supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the project personnel adhere to BSO approved Float Plans.

Motorized Watercraft Operator Responsibilities

Motorized watercraft operators must have successfully completed the Boating Safety Program Training, and must adhere to all Program rules and procedures and stay current with mandatory continuing education and refresher training. Contact the BSO to obtain this training.