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California State University, Long Beach
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Controlled Substances: How and When to Apply for a DEA Permit

The DEA strictly regulates controlled substances (drugs) and precursor chemicals (chemicals used to make drugs). To find out if your chemical is regulated, view the drug list and the drug precursor list.

Schedule II - V Drugs

You must obtain a DEA permit prior to ordering or working with drugs such as ketamine, steroids, all forms of barbital etc. To see if a chemical is a drug, look at the DEA "List of Controlled Substances". If your chemical is on the list, note the Schedule number and drug code as you may need it on the application.

To Proceed with the application process:

Fill out an online DEA Application for Registration form 225.

Write a use-protocol for your drug, consisting of the following, written in layman's terms as much as possible. The inspectors must be able to understand this protocol.

  • "Scientific Background": one paragraph of "why this drug is needed for my work" and a general explanation of the nature of your work/experiment.
  • "General Research Protocol": one paragraph describing what you do with the controlled substance (I do this then I add that...).
  • "Personnel With Access to the Controlled Substance": list the personnel who will be removing the substance from the stock bottle and/or using it to make a solution etc.
  • "Storage Location and Security": State where you will store the drug. Be very specific (state exact location) and be sure to note that it will be in a locked drawer/cupboard inside of a locked room with limited access. Include the statement "A log book including all information required by the DEA with respect to regulated drug use will be maintained in the locked drawer with the drug (name the drug)."
  • "Where Obtained and Quantity": state the amount you will purchase, which company will be providing the drug, and frequency of use, including amount/use.
  • "Applicant Qualifications/Experience": briefly state.

A user-friendly document has been prepared by one of our faculty describing the process including a time line and what documents to have ready for the DEA site visit. DEA information requested.