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California State University, Long Beach
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

General Office Worker Safety Training

Be aware that this training is not for laboratory workers. Laboratory workers must instead take lab-specific training.

Please view the General Office Worker Safety Training (PDF) and read the CNSM Safety Manual before taking this quiz.

Upon submission of the quiz, you will receive a confirmation email with your quiz score and further instructions to complete your training. Note: training records for non-CNSM personnel completing this training may not be maintained by the CNSM.

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About You


1) The introductory safety training provided by the Science Safety Office is:
2) Workplace safety information, phone numbers and annual injury reports are communicated through:
3) All are required to know the hazards, safe handling requirements, accidental release measures, and disposal method for each chemical or product used at work. This information is available to each employee via:
4) Safety Data Sheets:
5) If a coworker, student or anyone else on campus is harassing you, you should:
6) When must you wear safety glasses or goggles?
7) A Work-study student (employee) sustained an injury to their hand that required medical attention. After reporting the injury to their supervisor they should next:
8) Accidents or incidents that should be reported to the Safety Office or your supervisor include:
9) If you need to contact emergency personnel such as fire or police, ways to reach them include:
10) Electrical extension cords are permitted to power items on campus if:
11) If your workstation layout might be causing discomfort you should contact your supervisor or the Safety Office and ask for a workplace ergonomic evaluation.
12) As a University employee you are required to report within 36 hours to the University Police at 562.985.4101 and Office of Equity and Diversity at 562.985.8256 (the Science Safety Office can help) any suspected abuse or neglect of a person under the age of 18 years that comes to your attention while you are working on University business.