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California State University, Long Beach
College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Tax-Free Alcohol, Procurement and Use

Full CNSM Policy

Download Full CNSM Policy on Procurement and Use of Tax-Free Alcohol

Industrial Alcohol User Permit for Cal State University, Long Beach
September, 2008
Based on 27 CFR Part 22 and
TTB P 5150.4 (04/2008) Information for Tax-free Alcohol Applicants


This document outlines the policies and procedures for the use of tax-free alcohol (TFA) in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. It is called tax-free because the University has an Industrial Alcohol User Permit that allows us to purchase pure ethyl alcohol free of Federal tax. CSULB typically purchases 190 proof tax-free alcohol in 55 gallon drums. 200 proof "absolute" alcohol is packaged in pint bottles and bought in case quantities. The terms of this permit require that the users of tax-free alcohol follow all regulations regarding its distribution and use. These regulations are summarized as follows:

  • Only specifically authorized and trained personnel may dispense TFA. Contact CNSM Safety for details.
  • Dispensing personnel are required by Federal law to document transactions. Signatures will be required by persons who use TFA.
  • TFA shall be used only for scientific and mechanical purposes.
  • Containers of TFA need to be secured when left unattended, keeping in mind quantity limits on storage of flammable liquids in laboratories. Keeping TFA in a flammables cabinet within a locked room is considered adequately secured.
  • Under no circumstances may TFA be used for beverage purposes, food products, or in any preparation used in preparing beverage or food products.
  • TFA or products made from TFA may not be sold.
  • TFA or products made from TFA may not be removed from the premises.