Chemical Engineering Department Celebrates Grads and Alumni

Chemical Engineering celebrated the accomplishments of graduates and alumni at its Department Graduation Monday.

Those who received Distinguished Alumni Awards are: Jamie Bartolome, Tami Lipscomb,

George McDaniel, and Maureen Price. The Graduate Dean’s List recipient for Chemical Engineering was Raja Sekhar Kalavacherla.

Elena Jacobina DeSanto was recognized as the Outstanding BS ChE Student. The Outstanding MS Thesis Award went to Srinivas Gavini, while DeSanto and Rebecca Noel Wyborski received Outstanding Honor’s Thesis Awards. Sreeja Reddy Gouni and Christie Sutanto were recognized with Outstanding Undergrad/Grad Research Awards.

Assistant Professor Roger Lo presented the BUILD Research Award to Adam Grosvirt-Dramen, Genesis Esqueda, Roberto Rodriguez, and Gina Vimbela. Assistant Professor Ted Yu recognized Nathanael Dunham, Josue Alonso, and Jonathan Garcia for building a catapult to compete against a basketball player during this year’s Engineering Night at the Pyramid.

Lipscomb presented the Professional Leadership Award to AIChE Officers Kristiana Cervantes, Nathanael Dunham, Isela Fernandez, Gillian Fry, and David Palos. Past AIChE Officers Ricardo Casillas, Vince Delgado, Kathy Diaz, Amir Fadlallah, Christopher Lindley, Gurpreet Mattu, Corey Perry, and Ghina Pradina were also recognized.

George McDaniel and Jamie Bartolome presented the Student Competition Award to ChemE Car Team members Mairead Argus, Nathanael Dunham, Duy Do, Christopher Hirunthanakorn, and Edward Thai. Also recognized were ChemE Car Team members Josue Alonso, Nicholas Amyx, Bernardo Flores, Jonathan Garcia, Jasper Kelly, Adam Lolmet, Xavier Martinez, Robert Coronel Napa, Eric Nguyen, Shiva Nilakantan, Pegah Ostad, David Palos, Eduardo Pardo, Aaron Perez, Erik Pichardo, and Sahalat Vue.

IEEE Green Energy Forum posters Gabriel Arias, Ethel Martinez, Roberto Rodriguez, Josue Alonso, Jonathan Garcia, Nathanael Dunham, Christopher Lindley and Nicholas Humphrey were also applauded for their efforts.