Xerox VP Arnold Hackett Named CECS Distinguished Alumni

Arnold Hackett was one of nine children raised by a single parent. He is now vice president of alliance and partnership management at Xerox.

The 2001 CSULB computer science graduate said he has Xerox to thank—and also CSULB. “They helped me become what I am today,” he told students at the CECS Department Graduation.

Hackett, who earned his master’s in computer science while working at Xerox, on Monday received the CECS Distinguished Alumni Award. He was also named the Alumni Association’s College of Engineering 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award.

Hackett said a degree in computing is very powerful. “You’ve been given the tools to create and innovate and make your dreams a reality,” he said.

CECS Chair Burkhard Englert agreed. “It’s a very exciting moment and we’re all proud of you. Computer science, computer engineering—these are some of the hottest fields on the planet right now.”

Englert suggested that students consider getting a second degree. “Think about staying current and staying relevant,” he said.

Students were also recognized for their accomplishments. Nicholas Gardiner received the Outstanding Bachelor of Science Award for computer science, and Dennis Coa received the Outstanding Bachelor of Science Award for computer engineering. Brian Malley received the Graduate Dean’s List Award and Andrew Tran the Outstanding Research Award.