EE Remembers Lecturer Boi Tran

At its Department Graduation Monday, the CSULB Electrical Engineering Department commemorated lecturer Boi Tran’s supportive mentoring with an award in his name. Chris Hirunthanakorn (BSEE) received the Boi Tran Award, in memory of the late electrical engineering lecturer, who passed away suddenly late last year.

“It’s my honor that I’ve met and worked with Boi Tran, whose untimely passing has left a hole in our collective soul,” said Professor Anastasios Chassiakos, who described Tran as not only a very talented engineer but a trusted friend and mentor. Tran’s wife, Mindy, was present to accept the award.

Another of the department’s awards is named for the late Gerald Doski, an ever-helpful technician. The Doski Award this year went to Scott Salazar.

The Electrical Engineering Department also recognized the longtime support of Mike McClay, who was this year’s EE Distinguished Alumni. McClay, who now resides in Alaska, was a member of the department’s advisory council from 1991 to 2013.

During his years at CSULB, McClay was president of the IEEE student chapter. He graduated with an EE degree in 1973, went to work at Hughes Aircraft, and was eventually named a Raytheon Senior Engineering Fellow.

“Fifty years ago, I had no idea the lifelong effect that attending CSULB would have on my career and my life. It set me up in ways I could not imagine at the time,” he said.

McClay credits the generous lab time for preparing him to hit the ground running at his first job. “We landed on our feet with the wheels spinning and ready to go,” he said.

Kristin Hedtke (BS-EET), Kevin Mendez (BS-CET), and Khoi Vu (BSEE) received Student Awards.

Rana Mirzalou (MSEE), Sokhom Sim (MSEE), Krupa Suresh Bhavsar (MSEE), Ruoyu Wang (MSEE), Venkata Vemula Pamulaparthy (MSEE), Shruthi Sampathkumar (MSEE), and Saravana Kumar Raman (PhD) received Research Awards.

Student Service Awards were also issued to

  • Ijya Karki (BSEE)
  • Chelsea Mediavilla (BSEE)
  • Jeremy Wishner (BSEE)
  • Moses Holly (BSEE)
  • Lawrence Swift (BSEE)
  • Daniel Yeldell (BSEE)
  • and Kimberly Younger (BS-BME).

Administrative Coordinator Clarice Ross received the Outstanding Staff Award.

In wishing luck to the graduating students, Chair Henry Yeh stressed the importance of staying current and in touch with CSULB. “Keep learning, for lifelong learning is a key to success,” he said. “And remember that the EE Department is your home.”