Are You WIRED for Leadership?

Coordinator Paulina Mejia snap
College of Engineering Professional Development Coordinator Paulina Mejia-Arroyo presents a certificate of appreciation to Hal Snyder.

After three decades in the workforce, Hal Snyder, a member of the Dean’s Advisory Council, has learned a fair amount about attributes of good leaders. Snyder, Vice President of Human Resources for Diversity and Inclusion at Southern California Gas Co., was at CSULB Tuesday to speak to engineering students about how to become future leaders.

The most important leadership attributes, he said, join together to spell WIRED. “This is truly what we look for,” he said of the five attributes. “These five are golden.”

  • Wise: Do people come to you and ask for advice? Do people think of you as trustworthy? If so, you are probably wise.
  • Intelligent: Being smart, said Snyder, is a ticket to play. Intelligence is also recognizing when situations have changed.
  • Relationships: It’s hard to get much accomplished on your own. Major accomplishments require teamwork. And to operate as a team, relationships are vital.
  • Effective: An effective leader leans in and initiates, but also knows when to step back.
  • Drive: Possessing drive and motivation is key to being a good leader.

Snyder said he hopes those attending his Professional Development presentation remember the acronym. “I’m here looking at future leaders—at people who are wise and who are going to change the world. And I’m going to help you unlock it.”