Schedule of Classes

Spring 2011

Class offerings as of : OCTOBER 11, 2011

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Category A: Communication in the English Language and Critical Thinking

  1. Written English (A1)
  2. Oral or Written Communication (A2)
  3. Critical Thinking (A3)

Category B: Physical Universe

  1. Physical Universe and its Life Forms
    1. Life Sciences with Laboratory (B1a)
    2. Physical Sciences with Laboratory (B1b)
  2. Mathematics (B2)
  3. Additional Physical Universe (B3)

Category C: Humanities and the Arts

  1. Fine Arts (C1)
  2. Literature, Philosophy and Foreign Languages
    1. Literature (C2a)
    2. Philosophy (C2b)
    3. Foreign Languages (C2c)
  3. Additional Humanities and Arts (C3)

Category D: Social and Behavioral Sciences and Their Historical Backgrounds

  1. Citizenship
    1. U.S. History (D1a)
    2. U.S. Constitution and American Ideals (D1b)
  2. Additional Social and Behavioral Sciences (D2)

Category E: Self-Integration

Additional GE Course Requirements