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California State University, Long Beach
Welcome to College of Health and Human Services

Welcome to the
College of Health & Human Services

The College of Health & Human Services is dedicated to making a difference in our community and together we help people live happier, healthier, and safer lives. We prepare the next generation of workforce in a variety of clinical health professions, multiple areas within the business and government sectors, and in health, social, and safety services.

CHHS is among the largest colleges at CSULB. It is home to 11 distinct Departments and Schools, offering 13 undergraduate and 17 graduate degree programs and has over 9,500 graduate and undergraduate student majors.


Partnerships Matter

Through our partnerships, the college hopes to draw together faculty and valuable community members with the common goal of optimizing our collective impact to improve health disparities, reduce the prevalence of homelessess, meet the comprehensive needs of older adults, and improve clinical service and prevention practices in our surrounding communities.


The California State University Institute
for Palliative Care Long Beach

The California State University Institute for Palliative Care Long Beach will support a “Before I Die I Want to…..” wall April 25 (Beach Circle), April 26 (Friendship Walk), and April 27 (Maxson Plaza) from 10am-5 pm. This event is an opportunity to express our hopes and dreams in a meaningful way through a campus community art project. Please join us at the wall to share your thoughts. For more information please contact: Joy R Goebel.

Before I Die...


Optimizing Collective Impact: Innovations in University and Community Partnerships

Meet CHHS' New Dean

Monica A. F. Lounsbery, Ph.D.

Dr. Lounsbery is Dean of the College of Health and Human Services at California State University, Long Beach. She is a Professor of Kinesiology. Much of her most recent research has been on school physical activity policy and practices. She has conducted state, regional, and national studies on this topic. Recent efforts funded by Active Living Research, included developing and disseminating the Physical Activity School Score (PASS), examining facilitators and barriers to school adoption of evidence-based physical education programs, research translation on improving school physical education, and school physical activity policy assessment. Dr. Lounsbery has published extensively on school physical education and physical activity programs and has led national, regional and local committees on school physical activity policy related issues.