‘I Don’t Care’ Team Wins CECS Annual Spring Programming Contest

In the annual CSULB Computer Engineering and Computer Science spring programming contest, the team that apparently cared the least won.

Team I Don’t Care, comprising Aleks Kivuls, Kevin Duong, and Cesar Montelongo, came away with first place. “If you were to ask me who won the contest, I would truthfully have to say I Don’t Care,” quipped CSULB Programming Team Coach and lecturer Steve Gold.

The Luddites faculty team (pictured above) also participated. The team, made up of lecturers Neal Terrell, Josh Hayter, and Anthony Giacalone, was ineligible for prizes. Prizes and snacks were provided by the ACM chapter and CECS Department Coordinator Robin Ikemi. The three-hour contest included six programming problems.

Winning second place was the Gold Ghoti team, made up of Pongsakorn Cherngchaosil, Pongsathorn Cherngchaosil, and Alan Dao. And the third-place winner was Smitty Werben Man Jensen, comprising Jonathan Nuno and Crystal Chun.

The other teams who competed were:

  • The Duo (Jason Plourde and Rosswell Tiongco)
  • Team 97 (Stefin Mathew, Ivan Kim, and Harold Agnote)
  • Crimp (Alfredo Vargas and Abraham Malla), and
  • Code Whisperers (Nathan Rice, Ruben Baerga, and Jonathan Ascencio)