Honors Students Present their Research Results at Showcase

Most students wait until their graduate studies to complete a thesis. But not if you’re an engineering student enrolled in the CSULB Engineering Honors Track.

On Friday, nine Engineering Honors students completed what’s often a rite of passage in graduate school: presenting their theses before an academic audience. Representing almost all engineering disciplines, students presented on topics ranging from aging of composites and smartphone security to rover navigation and cardiac tissue engineering. Launched in 2013, the Engineering Honors Track now includes more than 100 students.

Those who presented were:

  • Rodolfo Amezcua, “Dual Gradient Chemotaxis System” (Thesis Advisor: Dr. David Stout)
  • Tristan Buckreis, “Numerical Evaluation of Lateral Loaded Rock-Socketed Deep Foundations” (Thesis Advisor: Dr. Lisa Star)
  • Austin Carrell, “Does the Engineering Curriculum Adequately Prepare Students for Engineering Internships?” (Thesis Advisor: Dr. Vesna Terzic)
  • Elena De Santo, “Isothermal Aging of Polyimide Resin and Composite Materials for Aerospace Application” (Thesis Advisor: Dr. Ehsan Barjasteh)
  • Sinem Ergen, “Starch-Based 3D Scaffold for Cardiac Tissue Engineering” (Thesis Advisor: Dr. David Stout)
  • Keith Farwell, “Security Survey of the Kaa Middleware of the Internet of Things” (Thesis Advisor: Dr. Mehrdad Aliasgari)
  • Tyus Hansen, (Thesis Advisor: Dr. Jin Gi Hong)
  • Michael Nguyen, “Security Risks of Smartphone Charging in Public Spaces: Wired and Wireless Charging” (Thesis Advisor: Dr. Mehrdad Aliasgari)
  • Nicholas Regnier, “Formation Control and Path Planning of Multiple Rovers Using Kalman Filtering (Thesis Advisor: Dr. Praveen Shankar)