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Elizabeth (Murray) Inman, 14 May 1785, "Will," Murray Papers, Box 3, Courtesy, New York Historical Society Page 1

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Elizabeth Inman's 1785 Will 

Falling ill in early April 1785, Elizabeth Murray Inman spent the weeks before her death with three of her nieces at her side.  She also made some individual bequests and wrote a new will to replace the one written in 1769. 

Without a prenuptial agreement, she would not have been able to write a will.


seealsoFor the terms of Murray's legal arrangements with third husband Ralph Inman, see Elizabeth Smith, 24 September 1771, prenuptial agreement. For an account of her illness and death, see Elizabeth (Betsy) Murray to Mary (Polly) Murray, 26 June 1785. For and earlier will see, Elizabeth Smith, 30 September 1769, and its codicil, 27 April 1771.