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Elizabeth (Betsy) Murray to Mary (Polly) Murray, 26 June 1785, J. M. Robbins Papers, Courtesy, Massachusetts Historical Society. Page 1

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Elizabeth (Betsy) Murray to Mary (Polly) Murray, 26 June 1785.

In the early 1780s, Elizabeth [Murray] Inman debated whether to stay in America or move back to Great Britain, as had many of her friends. Before she came to a decision, she fell in the spring of 1785. During an illness of several weeks, she made several small bequests and wrote a new will, cancelling one she had written in 1769. At her bedside were her nieces Dolly [Murray] Forbes, Betsy Murray, and Anne [Murray] Powell. On May 25, Elizabeth [Murray] Inman died.

The following month, Betsy Murray wrote this poignant letter to her cousin Polly Murray, who had come to America in 1770 to learn shopkeeping and returned to England in 1774 for what all assumed would be a brief visit. The war intervened, however, and Polly never saw her aunt Elizabeth again.


seealsoFor more information on Elizabeth’s business plans for Polly, see the letters of Edward Bridgen and James Waller, as well as Elizabeth Murray’s correspondence from early 1770 in the correspondence section of "Archives."