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Portrait of Mrs. James Smith [Elizabeth Murray], 1769 by John Singleton Copley. Portrait of James Murray by John Singleton Copley, ca.1763.
Portrait of Dorothy Murray, ca.1759 - ca. 1761 by John Singleton Copley. Portrait of Ralph Inman by John Singleton Copley, ca.1770.
Sir Thomas Hyde, Boston, its Environs and harbour, with the rebel works raised against that town in 1775..., [c. 1775]. Sir Thomas Hyde, A plan of the town of Boston with the intrenchments &ca of His Majesty’s forces in 1775, from the observations of Lieut. Page of His Majesty’s Corps of Engineers, and from those of other gentlemen. [ca 1777].
A View of Part of the Town of Boston in New England and British Ships of War Landing Their Troops, 1768, Engraving by Paul Revere. View of Boston Harbor, Engraving by James Turner, 1745.
The Bloody Massacre, Engraving by Paul Revere, 1770.    
Trade cards, broadsides and advertisements (Back to Top)
Elizabeth Murray, "Trade Bill," [ca 1750]. Mary Jackson, Boston Evening-Post, 11 June 1750, "Shop Advertisement."
Henrietta Maria East Caine, Boston Evening-Post, 11 June 1750, "Shop advertisement." Elizabeth Murray, Boston Evening-Post, 25 March 1751, "Shop Advertisement."
Elizabeth Murray, Boston Evening-Post, March 1753, "Shop Advertisement and Embroidery Lesson." Boston Evening-Post, 1 May 1758,"Notice for Sale of Three Slaves."
Elizabeth (Murray) Campbell, Boston Evening Post, 14 May 1759, "Shop Advertisement." Ralph Inman, Boston Evening-Post, 14 May 1759, "Advertisement."
Jane (Jannette) Day, Boston Evening-Post, 14 May 1759, "Advertisement." Elizabeth (Murray) Campbell, Boston Gazette and Country Journal, 30 April 1759, "Advertisement."
Jane Eustis, "Trade Card," 1769. Jane Eustis, Boston Gazette, 6 November 1769, "Advertisement."
Correspondence (Back to Top)
James Waller to Elizabeth [Murray] Smith, February 1770. Elizabeth [Murray] Smith to James Murray, 26 February 1770.
Edward Bridgen and James Waller to Elizabeth [Murray] Smith, 15 March 1770. Elizabeth [Murray] Smith to Mrs. Deblois, 13 April 1770 .
John Murray to James, Murray 10 December 1761. John Murray to Elizabeth [Murray] Inman, 9 November 1771.

Elizabeth [Murray] Inman to [Ralph Inman], 22 April 1775.

Ralph Inman to Elizabeth [Murray] Inman, 13 June 1775.

Elizabeth [Murray] Inman to Ralph Inman, 14 June 1775.

Elizabeth [Murray] Inman to Ralph Inman, 30 July 1775.

Elizabeth [Murray] Inman to John Murray, 18 September 1783. Elizabeth [Betsy] Murray to Mary [Polly] Murray, 26 June 1785
Newspaper accounts and notices (Back to Top)
Boston Evening-Post, 24 March 1760, "Boston Fire." Boston Gazette, 22 January 1770, "Ame and Elizabeth Cummings and Henry Barnes Named as Public Enemies for Importing British Goods."
Boston Gazette "Elizabeth [Murray] Smith return to America," 15 July 1771. Boston Gazette, 20 July 1772, "Inman commencement party account."

The Independent Chronicle, and the Universal Advertiser, 31 July 1777. “As a Practice prevails...”

The Independent Chronicle, and the Universal Advertiser, 7 August 1777. “Queries, by a LADY.”

Legal records and property records (Back to Top)
Prenuptial agreement, Elizabeth [Murray] Campbell and James Smith, 13 March 1760. Prenuptial agreement, Elizabeth [Muray] Smith and Ralph Inman, 24 September 1771.
Will, Elizabeth [Murray] Smith, 30 September 1769. Account of the furniture at Milton, 30 April 1770.
Codicil to Will, Elizabeth [Murray] Smith, 27 April 1771. Will, Elizabeth [Murray] Inman, 14 May 1785.
Photographs (Back to Top)
Inman House, Cambridge. Elizabeth (Murray) Inman grave site, King’s Chapel burying ground, Boston.