Program Development Timelines

Timelines for new Degree Programs, or Elevation of Options to Degree Programs

If you are planning on implementing new curriculum in the 2020-21 Academic Year related to a new program or elevation of an option, there is a tight schedule for approvals for the program to be listed in the following year's catalog. It's best to anticipate a two-to-three-year process for implementation, advertising and publication in the Catalog.

Calendars for a multi-year process
  • All new program proposals must be approved by Departments, Colleges, and the Vice Provost of Academic Programs prior to being forwarded to the Senate for CEPC and URC consideration.
    • Key Committee Dates
      • September - The URC meeting during this month can host the first reading by URC, with early October being the last day the committee can approve curriculum.
      • September - The CEPC's meeting this month is the last day to submit curriculum review material to CEPC. The committee will have limited meeting time prior to the curriculum submission deadline.
      • Early October - is typically the last time the Academic Senate can have a first reading of curriculum, with the Senate's meeting in late October being the last opportunity to approve new programs or elevated options prior to the curriculum Deadline.
      • End of October/Start of November - Curriculum Submissions Due - new programs or elevation of options that come after this date will not be included in the next Catalog - but held for the following year.
  • If creating a new course for a new program or elevation of an option, that course also needs to adhere to the Curriculum Submission Deadline.
  • Academic Master Plan
    • If you are planning on proposing a new program for the Academic Master Plan (AMP), that submission is due late October. Check with your Associate Dean who will have communications from the Academic Programs office on processes and deadlines. Elevation of Options do not need to be placed on the AMP prior to going through the approval processes listed in this section.