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Curriculum Cycle Calendars and Due Dates

GE and New Degree/Elevation Timelines

The following timelines are available for processes related to:

General Curriculum Cycles

These are general calendar times. Dates subject to change without notice. The below cycle information is related to the creation of new curriculum, edits to existing curriculum or discontinuances of curriculum. Please check your own Departments and College Curriculum Committee deadlines to ensure that all approvals can occur before the Curriculum office deadline.

Dates and Processes
Month Curriculum Items
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Using the Curriculum Certification Document, the Curriculum team prepares a new CSULB Catalog.

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Department and College Catalog Edit Copy is distributed to each area for approval (certification verification and non-curricular edits).

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Catalog for the next academic year (starting in the Fall) is published online.

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Curriculog Training is available on request.

New Curriculum forms for the next cycle are produced and available.

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Initial Inactive Courses Report distributed to Associate Deans and Department Chairs. Response requested regarding future status of courses listed on report.

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June - August

Curriculog Training is available on request.

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Response due from departments/college regarding Inactive Courses Report

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Inactive Courses formally certified (effective the following Spring Semester)

Catalog supplemental information, policies, and regulations edit requests distributed to campus administration.

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Curriculum Submissions due from colleges to the Curriculum Office via Curriculog. During the month, proposals are vetted by the Curriculum Team.

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Catalog supplemental information, policies, and regulations edited into the next Catalog by the Curriculum Team.

Curriculum Certification challenge period opens for two weeks. Certified report distributed at the end of the month.



Curriculum Training

Curriculum Processing

Catalog Production

Inactive Courses