Intramural Funding

CSULB Organizations

Research and Scholarly Activity Awards (RSCA)

CSULB funding for RSCA (either assigned time or small faculty grants) is awarded through a competitive process at the college level. CNSM proposals are due in February and submitted through InfoReady.

Mini-Grant and Summer Stipend (MGSS)

CSULB funding for MGSS is awarded through a competitive process managed by ORSP and dictated by the policy and regulations mandated by the legislature and the Chancellor's office. Proposals are due in February and submitted through InfoReady.

ORSP Internal Grants

ORSP accepts proposals for internal grants to help faculty prepare proposals for major external funding. ORSP encourages multidisciplinary research collaborations and partnerships. This grant program is open to CSULB tenured or tenure-track faculty members. Past award recipients must have submitted both a final report and a full length, external grant application through ORSP based upon the award in order to be eligible for funding. Proposals are due in February and submitted through InfoReady.

Proposal Incentive Grants

With internal funds disbursed through ORSP, CNSM awards funding to encourage submission of competitive grant proposals. Each year, support is available for 5 faculty Proposal Incentive Grants. These grants comprise of:

  1. up to 3 WTU of salary support for the PI
  2. $1000 in research stimulation funds for the PI to be paid upon submission of the proposal
  3. $1000 in research stimulation funds for a CSULB mentor who will advise the PI throughout the proposal preparation and submission process – also to be paid upon submission of the proposal.

Applications are due in early April.

Center for Health Equity Research (CHER)

CHER in the College of Health and Human Services at CSULB works with community members and partner organizations with a focus on diverse, underserved, and high risk populations to promote health and reduce health disparities through research, innovative interventions, and rigorous evaluation.

METRANS Transportation Center

METRANS funds research on transportation issues within large metropolitan areas and contributes to our knowledge base through the development of improved technology, policies, operations, or management practices.

CSU System-wide Research Funding Initiatives

CSU Program for Education and Research in Biotechnology (CSUPERB)

CSUPERB's mission is to develop a professional biotechnology workforce by mobilizing and supporting collaborative CSU student and faculty research, innovating educational practices, and partnering with the life science industry.

Council on Ocean Affairs, Science and Technology (COAST)

COAST is the umbrella organization for marine, coastal and coastal watershed-related activities within CSU.

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