About Research in CNSM

The College of Natural Science and Mathematics (CNSM) research community comprises student, staff, and faculty researchers with an array of modern expertise in astronomy, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, geology, physics, mathematics, science education, and statistics. Our community is an important resource for stakeholders on and beyond the Long Beach campus. We promote a robust culture of engaging and collaborating with state and regional agencies, as well as with academic partners and public groups located around the globe.

Our research groups are actively engaged in applying new technologies and approaches to address modern challenges and questions, spanning from marine pollution, therapeutic strategies in medicine, global climate changes, tectonics and California geology, and more.

CSULB students are highly encouraged to collaborate with faculty on research projects. In all departments of CNSM, there are opportunities for undergraduate research and Master's degree programs.

For information on graduate programs, please visit the graduate page of the respective department:

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