F&A Costs Return Policy

The CSULB Research Foundation's federally negotiated Facilities and Administration (F&A) Costs Return or Indirect Cost Recovery (IDC) rates for grants and contracts are provided below.

  • On Campus Organized Research 47.5%
  • On Campus Instruction 50.5%
  • Off Campus Organized Research 26.0%
  • Off Campus Instruction 26.0%

Under very well supported/justified situations/circumstances, the Associate Vice President (AVP) for Research and External Support (currently Dr. Simon Kim) may negotiate F&A rates outside of these guidelines. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES is anyone, other than the AVP for Research and External Support, authorized to negotiate F&A rates for CSULB.

If the agency to which you are submitting a proposal restricts IDC to less than 26.0%, then you must request approval for variance on F&A from the AVP. This request should be made by email (Simon.Kim@csulb.edu), with a brief description (including the award amount and IDC rate) of the award being pursued and justification for pursuing an award with an IDC less than 26.0%.

For IDC rates over 26%, current CNSM policy for IDC distribution is:

  • 45% PI
  • 15% Department
  • 30% College
  • 10% Division of Academic Affairs

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