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  • Historical Mission and Current Commitment to the recruitment, retention, training, graduation, and success of underrepresented, low-income and first-generation students at CSULB – Results of a 2013 University Task Force Study.
  • Office of Institutional Research and Assessment: yearly and semester summary reporting on faculty workload, enrollments, demographics; degrees granted; faculty evaluation processing and reporting; academic department program review; enrollment management for University and various academic units.
  • Admissions, enrollment, retention, and degrees granted reports on demand that can be specified at the University, College, Department, or Program level.

Regulatory Compliance and Assurances

Regulatory Issue Explanatory Resources
Biohazards, rDNA and/or Infectious Materials
(e.g., cultured human cell lines, plant or animal retroviruses, parasites, bacteria, select agents)
CSULB Biohazardous Materials and Bloodborne Pathogen Training
Collecting/Transportation Permit
(biological, archeological, soil/geological)
Conflicts of Interest CSULB ORSP Training and Education
DEA Controlled Substances CSULB Controlled Substances: Protocol
Facility Modifications Contact Your College Facilities Coordinator or Facilities Management
Hazardous Chemical/Biological Waste CSULB Biohazardous Materials and Bloodborne Pathogen Training
Hazardous Chemicals
(e.g., mutagens, teratogens, carcinogens, nanomaterials, nanoparticles)
Material Safety Data Sheets
Human Subjects – Institutional Review Board (IRB) CSULB ORSP Training and Education
Lasers CSULB Laser Safety
Materials of Human Origin
(e.g., organs, blood, body fluids)
CSULB Biohazardous Materials and Bloodborne Pathogen Training
NSF/NIH Responsible Conduct of Research CSULB Responsible Conduct of Research Courses
Radioactive Materials CSULB Radiation Safety Office
Vertebrate Animals – Institutional Animal Care and Use (IACUC) CSULB ORSP Training and Education