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California State University, Long Beach
2013-2014 CSULB University Catalog

Music - The Bob Cole Conservatory of Music

Undergraduate Programs

Option in Composition (132 units)


Take the following course:

  • MUS 129 to be taken each semester in residence until successful completion of the Upper-Division Screening Examination in applied music (4 unit minimum required).

Take all of the following courses:

  • MUS 244A Composition Workshop I (2)
    Prerequisite: MUS 142A and consent of instructor.

  • MUS 244B Composition Workshop II (2)
    Prerequisites: MUS 244A and consent of instructor.

  • MUS 344 Composition (2)
    Prerequisites: MUS 244A-B; Corequisite MUS 329X.

  • MUS 423B Senior Composition Recital (1)
    Prerequisites: Senior standing and consent of instructor.

  • MUS 444 Advanced Composition (2)
    Prerequisites: MUS 344; Corequisite: 329X.

Take 21 units from the following courses (at least 3 units must be selected from MUS 370, 455, 456, 457 or 497E):

  • MUS 272A, 329X (may be repeated multiple times), 370, 371A, 371B, 411A, 411B, 441, 442, 443, 444, 455, 456, 457, 458, 497B-D-E-G, and THEA 449.

Take three units from the following courses:

  • MUS 200B, 326, 393, 400B, 415, 422, 425, and 474.

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Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs