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California State University, Long Beach
2012-2013 CSULB University Catalog


Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics (120 units)


Lower Division:

Take the following courses:

  • LING 101 Introduction to the World's Languages (3)
    Prerequisite: ENGL 100.
  • LING/ANTH 170 Introduction to Linguistics (3)
    Prerequisite/corequisite: Any GE Foundation course.

Upper Division:

Take the following courses:

  • LING 325 Modern English Grammar (3)
    Prerequisite: None
  • LING 329 Introduction to Language Acquisition (3)
    Prerequisite: None
  • LING 420 Phonology (3)
    Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.
  • LING 421 English Syntax (3)
    Prerequisite: LING 325 or consent of instructor.

Take eight courses (24 units) from the following: LING 301, 363I, 413, 423, 425, 426, 428, 433, 470, 472, 490.

Students may substitute up to 6 units of relevant upper-division coursework from other departments, with permission of the Linguistics Undergraduate Advisor.

Language Requirement

Sixteen units or equivalent are required. Four semesters (or their equivalent) of a language other than English, with either: (a) two semesters of an Indo-European language plus two semesters of a non-Indo-European language or (b) four semesters of any one language. Students with prior language experience can pass language requirement by examination or other evidence.

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Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Programs