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California State University, Long Beach
Carpenter Performing Arts Center
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Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design (code DESNBS01) (132 units)

This degree program is concerned with the relationship between technology and the visual arts. It includes background courses in engineering and sciences. Portfolio review is required for admission to the professional B.S. program. Portfolios are reviewed in the spring semester for fall admission to Junior standing in this degree program.

Applicants to the BFA or BS program must receive a positive recommendation following review of a portfolio submitted by the applicant. For BFA portfolio review consideration, a student must be enrolled in or have successfully completed DESN 241, 242, 245 and 255 with a "C" or better. For BS portfolio review consideration, a student must be enrolled in or have successfully completed DESN 280, 320 and 356 with a "C" or better. Students may apply to the BFA or BS program when they have completed a minimum of 53 units, but may not apply after they have completed more than a maximum of 96 units.

Contact department for details of portfolio submission and review process.

Admission Under Impaction

Refer to the following website for additional impaction criteria:


132 units, including 96 units for the major.

Lower Division:

  • Take all of the following courses:
    • AH 111A Foundation Art History I (3)
    • AH 111B Foundation Art History II (3)
    • DESN 120A Fundamentals of Design (3)
    • DESN 120B Fundamentals of Design (3)
    • DESN 132A Perspective and Rendering Systems (3)
    • DESN 132B Perspective and Rendering Systems (3)
    • DESN 150 Design Drafting (3)
    • DESN 151 Industrial Design Materials and Tools (2)
    • DESN 154 Modeling and Prototyping Techniques (3)
    • DESN 156 3-D Computer Aided Design (3)
    • DESN 232A Visualization Techniques (3)
    • DESN 232B Visualization Techniques (3)
    • DESN 254 Production Materials and Techniques (3)
    • DESN 255 2-D Computer-Aided Graphics (3)
    • DESN 280 Industrial Design Processes (3)
    • PHYS 100A General Physics (4)
    • PHYS 100B General Physics (4)

Upper Division:

  • Take all of the following courses:
    • DESN 300 Designers in Their Own Words (3)
    • DESN 320 Advanced Form Study (3)
    • DESN 331A Industrial Design (3)
    • DESN 331B Industrial Design (3)
    • DESN 333A Industrial Design Methodology (3)
    • DESN 333B Industrial Design Methodology (3)
    • DESN 356 Advanced 3D Computer-Aided Design (3)
    • DESN 368 History and Theory of Design (3)
    • DESN 431A Advanced Industrial Design (4)
    • DESN 431B Advanced Industrial Design (4)
    • DESN 432A Advanced Rapid Visualization (3)
    • DESN 435A Furniture Design (3)

Additional Requirements

  • Take a minimum of 7 units chosen from the following:
    • DESN 344A/B, 346, 360A/B, 366, 367, 369, 370, 442G, 440, 460, 490, 495, 499C, 499G, 499H.

A total of 132 units is required for degree completion. Students must achieve "C" or better in each course required by the major.