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Liberal Studies

Integrated Teacher Education Program

Bilingual Authorization for the Multiple Subject Credential

The Bilingual Authorization track prepares Multiple Subject teachers to work in dual language classrooms, English development classrooms, or where a language other than English is required for instruction, support, and communication with parents and other professional communication. With appropriate substitutions and/or additional course work, the Bilingual Authorization may be added to the Multiple Subject Preliminary credential. Candidates must demonstrate knowledge of the target culture, specific pedagogical skills, and fluency in speaking, listening, reading and writing in the target language. Candidates are prepared for Bilingual Authorization in one of four languages: Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, or Vietnamese.


Students seeking Bilingual Authorization must complete the ITEP program requirements, including the credentialing requirements. They also must fulfill the following additional Bilingual Authorization requirements:

  • 1. Bilingual pedagogy in the language of emphasis (one of the following, 3 units):
    • Spanish: EDEL 453S – Methodology for Spanish and English Instruction in a Bilingual Setting
    • Korean: EDEL 453K -- Methodology for Korean and English Instruction in a Bilingual Setting
    • Mandarin: EDEL 453M -- Methodology for Mandarin and English Instruction in a Bilingual Setting
    • Vietnamese: EDEL 453V -- Methodology for Vietnamese and English Instruction in a Bilingual Setting
  • 2. Culture of emphasis (one of the following, 3 units):
    • Spanish: CHLS 340 – Latino Education in the U.S.
    • Korean: EDEL 455K -- Teaching the Korean American Bicultural Student
    • Mandarin: EDEL 455C – Teaching the Chinese American Bicultural Student
    • Vietnamese: EDEL 455V -- Teaching the Vietnamese American Bicultural Student
  • 3. Language of emphasis proficiency:
    • All Bilingual Authorization candidates must demonstrate language of emphasis proficiency by passing the appropriate CSET: LOTE Subtest III (language and communication skills) prior to completion of the program. See the program advisor for recommended courses to prepare for the exam.
  • 4. Student teaching in a bilingual classroom:
    • Bilingual Authorization candidates complete one semester of student teaching in a non-billingual classroom and one semester in a language of emphasis classroom.