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California State University, Long Beach
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Physics and Astronomy

Undergraduate Programs

Single Subject Preliminary Credential in Physics (code 183)

Physics Concentration

The Physics Concentration meets the subject matter competence requirement for the Single Subject Preliminary Credential in Physics. Prospective students should consult the Single Subject Science Education Advisor in the Department of Science Education early to plan their program.

In addition to meeting the subject matter competence requirement for the Preliminary Credential, prospective Physics teachers are also required to complete 44 units of professional preparation in the Single Subject Credential Program, including student teaching. Students may begin the professional preparation courses as early as the junior year. With careful planning, it is possible to complete many of the credential program courses, except for student teaching, as an undergraduate. Courses may also be started as post-baccalaureate student. Refer to the Single Subject Teacher Education section of this Catalog or the Single Subject Credential Program website ( for a description of the professional preparation requirements, courses, and application procedures.

The Physics Subject Matter Program is being revised to meet new state standards. When the revised program has been approved by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, the new course requirements will be in effect and supersede current requirements.


Lower Division:

  • Take all of the following:
    • PHYS 151 Mechanics and Heat (4)
    • PHYS 152 Electricity and Magnetism (4)
    • PHYS 254 Applied Modern Physics (3)
    • PHYS 255 Laboratory on Modern Physics (1)
    • MATH 122 Calculus I (4)
    • MATH 123 Calculus II (4)
    • MATH 224 Calculus III (4)
    • ASTR 100 Astronomy (3)
    • CHEM 111A General Chemistry (5)
    • CHEM 111B General Chemistry (5)
    • GEOL 102 General Geology (3)
    • GEOL 104 Geology Laboratory (1)
    • GEOL 160 Introduction to Oceanography (3)
    • BIOL 211 Evolution and Diversity (4)
    • BIOL 212 Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology (4)
    • BIOL 213 Introduction to Ecology and Physiology (4)
      • NOTE: BIOL 111, 111L, 212, 212L, 213, 213L are required if courses were taken prior to catalog year 2010-11.

Upper Division:

  • Take all of the following:
    • PHYS 310 Analytic Mechanics (3)
    • PHYS 340A Electricity and Magnetism I (3)
    • PHYS 476 Modern Optics Laboratory (1)
    • SCED 403 Integrated Science (3)
    • SCED 404 Nature of Science Scientific Reasoning for Teachers (3)
    • EDSS 300C Introduction to Teaching - Science (3)
    • EDSS 450C Curriculum and Methods in Teaching Science (3)
    • EDSE 435 U.S. Secondary Schools: Interculture Educ (3)
    • EDSE 436 Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Classroom Management (3)
    • EDSE 457 Reading and Writing in Secondary School (3)
  • Select one course from each of the following pairs:
    • 1. MATH 364A Ordinary Differential Equations I (3)
      • MATH 370A Applied Mathematics I (3)
    • 2. PHYS 320 Thermodynamics (3)
      • PHYS 422 Statistical Physics (3)
    • 3. PHYS 380 Electronics (3)
      • PHYS 496 Special Problems in Physics (3)