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California State University, Long Beach
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Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies

Undergraduate Programs

Minor in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (code W/STUM01)


A minimum of 24 units will be required for the minor in Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies, to be selected with the approval of the department's undergraduate advisor. Courses cannot be counted for more than one category within the minor and must be selected from among the following courses:

Lower Division

  • Take both of the following courses:
    • WGSS 101 Women and Their Bodies (3)
    • WGSS 102 Women In Contemporary Society (3)

Upper Division (18 units)

  • Take each of the following courses:
    • WGSS 300 Principles of Feminism (3)
    • WGSS 318I U.S. Women of Color (3)
    • WGSS 401I Bodies and Borders: Feminism and Globalization (3)
  • Take one of the following courses:
    • WGSS 392 Feminist Pedagogy: Peer Facilitation (3)
    • WGSS 496 Community Service Learning in Women's Issues (3)
  • Take six additional units from any cluster(s) referenced in the B.A. program requirements.