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California State University, Long Beach
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Human Development

Undergraduate Programs

Minor in Human Development (code HDEVUM01)

The minor in Human Development may be combined with any major at CSULB except Human Development and Liberal Studies, Track II - Human Development Concentration. The minor in Human Development offers students an opportunity to supplement their education with an interdisciplinary study of lifespan development within societal and cultural contexts.


A minimum of 7 courses, chosen in consultation with the Human Development Department Advisor.

  • Take one of the following courses:
    • HDEV 180 Lifespan Human Development (3)
    • ANTH 120 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3)
    • PSY 100 General Psychology (3)
    • SOC 100 Principles of Sociology (3)
  • Take all of the following courses:
    • HDEV 250 Elementary Statistics in Social and Behavioral Sciences (4)
    • HDEV 307I Approaches to Childhood Through Adolescence (3)
    • HDEV 320 Research Methods in Human Dev (4)
    • HDEV 357I Approaches to Adulthood Through Aging (3)
    • HDEV 360 Cultural Foundations for Human Dev (3)
  • Take one additional course chosen from the following:
    • HDEV 300I, 340, 402, 403, 470.

All students in this minor must take at least 6 courses in Human Development. All students who complete another course as part of their major that is equivalent to a Human Development course (such as a statistics course equivalent to HDEV 250) must substitute another HDEV course for that one.