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California State University, Long Beach
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Social Work

Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (code SW__BA01) (120 units)

The School of Social Work offers, in conjunction with the general education requirements, a professional program leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW). The goals of the BASW program are to prepare students for entry level, professional, generalist social work practice and for graduate social work education, including advanced standing. Students learn to practice as professional social workers with persons and groups representing the range of human diversity and with systems of all sizes (individuals, families, groups, communities and institutions).

Social Work majors should consider taking courses as electives or for fulfillment of general education requirements in any of the ethnic studies disciplines, women's studies and gerontology programs in the Colleges of Health and Human Services and Liberal Arts. The School can make recommendations concerning those courses which would be most useful to students interested in acquiring broader information closely allied to professional social work practice.

Admission Under Impaction - Fall Only

Refer to the following website for additional impaction criteria:

Admission Under Impaction for Continuing Students

Students who indicate an interest in a Social Work major when they enter as freshmen will be assigned a pre-social work major code. Acceptance into the pre-major by the University does not imply or assure subsequent acceptance into the major by the School. Students who are not accepted into the major cannot continue as pre-social work majors.

Admission Under Impaction for Transfer Students

Students must be eligible for admission to the University as transfer students and must apply for admission to the University no later than November 30 for admission the following fall. Students who are not admitted to the major will not be admitted to the University unless they have listed a second choice of major on the application form.

Additional Requirements

To be allowed to continue in the major, students must complete the following:

  • A. Pass Abnormal Psychology during the first two semesters
  • B. Fulfill the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) during the first two semesters.

Students can contact the School's admissions office for academic advising concerning the requirements for admission into the BASW program.


The field sequence has an integral role in the BASW curriculum providing an opportunity for students to apply social work knowledge and practice skills in an agency based educationally focused fieldwork internship. Students complete 450 hours of field placement (SW 495A/B) in their senior year for which they earn 14 academic units. Students complete 16 hours per week in an assigned agency placement. This must include either two 8-hour weekdays or one 8-hour weekday and two 4-hour weekday (Monday - Friday daytime hours) blocks. A variety of agencies in the surrounding communities are used, and the School's field faculty select the most appropriate field placement site for students.

Required Courses

  • Take all of the following courses:
    • SW 220 Introduction to Social Welfare (3)
    • SW 221 Introduction to Social Welfare Practicum (3)
    • SW 330 Human Behavior and Social Environment: Birth Through Adolescence (3)
    • SW 331 Human Behavior and Social Environment: Young Adulthood Through Old Age (3)
    • SW 340 Generalist Social Work Practice (3)
    • SW 341 Social Work Practicum (3)
    • SW 350 Social Policy: Law and Court Decisions (3)
    • SW 351 Social Policy: Formulation and Analysis (3)
    • SW 440 Generalist SW Practice with Groups (3)
    • SW 441 Generalist SW Practice with Communities and Institutions (3)
    • SW 442 Generalist SW Practice with Individuals/Families (3)
    • SW 465 Research Methods in Social Work (3)
    • SW 495A Field Experience in Social Work (7)
    • SW 495B Field Experience in Social Work (7)

Sequence of Required Courses

Full-time students will take the following sequence of courses starting with:

  • First Level (fall): SW 220, 221, 330, 350
  • Second Level (spring): SW 331, 340, 341, 351
  • Third Level (fall): SW 440, 442, 495A
  • Fourth Level (spring): SW 441, 465, 495B

Part-time students will take the following sequence of courses

  • First Level (fall): SW 220, 221
  • Second Level (spring): SW 330, 350
  • Third Level (fall): SW 331, 351
  • Fourth Level (spring): SW 340, 341
  • Fifth Level (fall): SW 440, 442, 495A
  • Sixth Level (spring): SW 441, 465, 495B

All Social Work courses must be completed with a grade no lower than a "C" in classroom courses or a "CR" for practicum or field experience courses. If a student earns a grade lower than a "C" in a classroom course or a "NC" in a practicum or field experience course, the student must repeat the course. All courses must be taken in sequence. All internship classes must be taken concurrently with direct generalist practice courses.