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California State University, Long Beach
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Undergraduate Programs

Minor in Physical Education Teaching (code KPE_UM01)

**The information below differs from the print version of the CSULB Catalog. The concentrations under the minor have been discontinued. Please browse here for a full list of differences between the print and online versions of the Catalog.**

Please contact the KIN Single Subject Coordinator for information concerning the Introductory K-9 Physical Education Teaching Credential. Introductory Credentials are supplementary authorizations for teachers who hold a K-12 credential in another subject area.


A minimum of 34 units as follows:

  • Take all the following courses:
    • KIN 270 Professional Practices in Public School Physical Education (3)
    • KIN 315 Motor Development (3)
    • KIN 343 Techniques and Analysis of Physical Fitness and Activity (2)
    • KIN 370 Movement Theory and Practice of Elementary Physical Education (3)
    • KIN 380 Principles, Organization and Management of Secondary School Physical Education (3)
    • KIN 460 Applied Theory and Analysis of Non-Traditional Physical Education Games and Activities (2)
    • KIN 483 Measurement and Evaluation in Kinesiology (3)
    • EDSS 300P Introduction to Teaching - Physical Education (3)
  • Take one of the following pairs of courses:
    • BIOL 207 Human Physiology (4)
    • KIN 301 Exercise Physiology (3)
    • or
    • BIOL 208 Human Anatomy (4)
    • KIN 300 Biomechanics of Human Movement (3)
  • Eight physical activity units including the following:
    • KIN 237 Techniques and Analysis of Aquatic Skills (2)
    • KIN 265 Techniques of Gymnastics (1)
  • Plus one course from each of the following pairs:
    • KIN 250 Techniques of Basketball (1)
    • KIN 257 Techniques of Volleyball (1)
    • and
    • KIN 253 Techniques of Soccer (1)
    • KIN 255 Techniques of Softball (1)
    • and
    • KIN 264 Techniques of Golf (1)
    • KIN 268 Techniques of Track and Field (1)
    • and
    • KIN 266 Techniques of Badminton (1)
    • KIN 267 Techniques of Tennis (1)

In addition to the above, each student is required to demonstrate skill proficiency at an average 3.5 level on a 5 point scale in KIN 343 and the 8 physical activity units completed to satisfy requirements for this minor. Only physical skill proficiency scores in the range of 2.0-5.0 are recorded and computed to determine a student's physical skill proficiency average.

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