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California State University, Long Beach
CSULB CBA Building
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Management and Human Resources Management

Undergraduate Programs

Option in Human Resources Management (code MGMTBS03) (120 units)

The objectives of this option: (1) provide students with theoretical foundations for understanding how employees are motivated to accomplish organizational goals; (2) develop skills to attract, reward, develop and retain human resources; (3) develop an understanding of the strategic, theoretical, and practical approaches to human resources management; (4) develop aspiring leaders with a strong sense of ethics and social responsibility and an awareness of how societal changes necessitate organizational change.


  • 1. Take the following course:
    • HRM 361 The Human Resource Function (3)
  • 2. 12 units selected from the following:
    • HRM 440, 445, 446, 458, 460, 462, 463, 465