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Hospitality Foodservice and Hotel Management

College of Health and Human Services

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Hospitality Foodservice and Hotel Management - Programs

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Foodservice and Hotel Management (code FCS_BS05) (120 units)

The Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Foodservice and Hotel Management furnishes students with the necessary background and expertise to excel as managers and leaders in the restaurant, foodservice, hotel, and lodging industries. The program of study provides a broad-based foundation in both academic and professional courses and includes hands-on practical experience. The program prepares students for entry into a dynamic multi-ethnic and multi-cultural domestic and international job market. Career options include: restaurant manager, hotel manager, catering director, foodservice manager in a college, university, healthcare, or corporate setting, manager in a motel or bed and breakfast facility, school foodservice director, manager in senior dining programs, club stadiums or amusement parks, or as a food purchaser or broker.

In addition to general education requirements (48 units), students must complete a minimum of 40 units from the major department, 24 of which must be upper division. Students transferring from another college or university will receive transfer credit in required courses if the course is equivalent to the course at this university and it is accepted by this university.


ACCT 201; CAFF 321I; COMM 110; ECON 300 or 100 and 101; FCSE 299 and 499, HFHM 173, 270, 274, 276, 372, 373, 376, 378, 379 (3 units), 474, 476, 492J; One class chosen from HRM 360 or 361 or PSY 381; One class chosen from MATH 108, EDP 419, IS 310, HSC 403 or SOC 250; MKTG 300; NUTR 132; PHIL 160; One class chosen from PSY 100 or SOC 100; One class chosen from REC 141 or 225 or 340I; plus 9 units in one of the following concentrations: a) Hotel and Lodging: HFHM 374, 471, and 472; b) Restaurant and Foodservice: HFHM 375, 473, and 477; c) Hotel, Food and Beverage: HFHM 375 or 472, 473, and 477. Additionally, a minimum of 8 units of pre-approved coursework taken to develop specific interests are selected in consultation with a faculty advisor from the following: Any HFHM major course not selected, CAFF 429; COMM 337; FCSE 486, 497; GEOG 352; GERN 400I; additional units of HFHM 379, 492J; IS 301; NUTR 336, 439; REC 325, 462, 468; or others as approved by advisor. Each course on the student’s program planner must be completed with a grade of a “C” or better. In addition, a course in which a grade lower than “C” is received must be retaken and successfully completed prior to enrolling in a course for which it is a prerequisite. A student receiving a grade lower than a “C” may proceed with other courses with the approval of the student’s faculty advisor.

HFHM 492J requires 800 hours of approved work experience as a prerequisite for this degree. Field study hours in HFHM 379 can be used toward meeting the 800 hours.

Minor in Hospitality Foodservice and Hotel Management (code FCS_UM05)

Twenty-two units including HFHM 173, 270, three units of 379 or 492J; 15 additional units selected from HFHM 235, 274, 275 or 276, 372, 375, 376, 378, 473, 474, and 477 as approved by a Hospitality Foodservice and Hotel Management faculty advisor.

The Minor in Hospitality Foodservice and Hotel Management is available to any non-Hospitality Foodservice and Hotel Management major.

Foodservice Systems Administration Certificate (code FCS_CT02)

The Certificate program in Foodservice Systems Administration is designed to provide those students pursuing the bachelor’s degree in Dietetics and Food Administration, Business Administration, and other related fields with additional background in foodservice management, increasing their expertise at the management entry level. The program is appropriate for a variety of applications, including foodservice in restaurants, catering, hospitals, public schools, industrial foodservice, hotels and motels, airlines, and in governmental regulatory agencies.

The Certificate may be earned in conjunction with the bachelor’s degree or awarded subsequent to obtaining the degree at CSULB. Courses taken to meet the requirements of the Certificate may be the same ones used to satisfy major, minor or General Education requirements, or the degree requirements of the participating departments.


  • 1. A bachelor’s degree in dietetics/food administration, business administration, or other related fields;
  • 2. Satisfactory completion of the following courses:
    • A. Nutrition: NUTR 132;
    • B. Food Preparation and Service: HFHM 235, 275;
    • C. Foodservice Management: HFHM 375, 474, 477, 492J;
    • D. Business Administration: ACCT 201, HRM 361, 362, 440, MGMT 300, MKTG 300;
    • E. Related Fields: CHEM 302, ECON 300.
  • 3. Maintain a GPA of 2.5 in the courses of the program and overall;
  • 4. Consultation with and certification of successful completion by the Director of the Program in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences.

Courses taken under the Credit/No Credit grading option may not be applied to this Certificate program.