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University College and Extension Services

University Programs

University Programs - Soccer in front of the Pyramid

University College and Extension Services has become the College of Continuing and Professional Education.

University College and Extension Services

University College and Extension Services (UCES) is one of the eight academic colleges and the self-support community outreach branch of the university. The college provides additional access to CSULB's exceptional academic programs and educational resources by offering over 550 credit and professional development (noncredit) programs every semester. The programs are designed to meet the personal and professional development needs of more than 30,000 individuals each year. UCES identifies and addresses the educational and training needs most relevant to its customers. Its capabilities extend internationally.

Why UCES Is Different - Access and Opportunity

University College and Extension Services is different from CSULB's other academic colleges because it is not focused on one specific subject area, such as arts or sciences. Its purpose, aligned with the CSU Cornerstones Report, is to "provide increased access to graduate education and continuing education in programs central to the mission of the university, to lifelong opportunities for our students, and to the continued health of California's community and economy." (CSU Cornerstone Principle 6a)

This means that UCES provides a variety of ways to bring people to the university, and to bring the university and its programs to the people, through the innovative delivery of many different types of courses and programs across diverse subject areas. UCES' unique position as both an academic college and a community outreach entity means that partnerships and collaboration - with the university, businesses, organizations, and community leadership - are an integral part of its operation. Fostering collaborative academic initiatives, both credit and professional development (noncredit) has always been one of the highest priorities of the UCES administrative leadership.

UCES programs do not receive state funding and are supported entirely by student fees.

The University College Milestone

Many universities across the U.S. have been changing the name of their Extension divisions to a name that better describes campus-approved, high quality credit course offerings taught by resident faculty. At CSULB, University Extension Services became University College and Extension Services in 1994. CSULB is the first in the CSU system to have a University College and an advisory committee to provide for an open line of communication with the faculty, students, and administration. As an academic college, UCES makes it easier for the campus to offer credit courses and degree programs to expanded constituencies in our community.

When students enroll in a credit course through University College, they will know that it is taught by resident faculty with the same course of study and academic expectations associated with state supported courses.


To provide individuals, institutions, organizations, and the global community with access to cost-effective, quality educational opportunities by offering the best educational choices for the best value.