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Academic Services and Campus Life

University Opportunities for Students

Horn Center

Learning Assistance Center

Learning Assistance Center

Located in the Horn Center, Room 104, the Learning Assistance Center is an all-university academic support service that helps students identify and develop effective learning approaches for their courses. The LAC offers the following services:

1. Learning skills, instruction and coaching
2. Supplemental instruction for difficult courses
3. Tutoring in most subjects
4. ESL tutoring and language practice

Learning Skills

The Learning Skills program helps students strengthen a range of study skills and learning strategies. Learning Specialists meet students individually and present workshops on such topics as Reading Textbooks Critically, Listening and Notetaking Skills, Time Management, Test-Taking Strategies, Memory Techniques, Learning Styles, Preparing Research/Term Papers, and Preparing for Final Exams. Those preparing for such standardized tests as the GMAT, GRE, and LSAT may combine software or other study tools with individual learning strategy sessions.

At faculty request, Learning Skill topics can be tailored to individual courses and presented in class. Workshops are also scheduled by student organizations and other groups.

Supplemental Instruction

The LAC offers two forms of support for courses known to be historically difficult (where over 30% of enrolled students typically receive grades of D, F, or W). Supplemental Instruction (S/I) 60 is a one-unit non-baccalaureate adjunct class tied to select general education courses; students enroll in the target GE course and the SI together. SI Groups are scheduled early in the semester for students who couldn't or didn't register in an SI class or who are in other difficult courses. SI classes and groups address both the comprehension and mastery of course content and the development of study skills that students need to be successful. Sessions are led by advanced students who know the discipline well and have demonstrated the associated skills. Active participants typically perform much better (one letter grade higher) in the target course than peers who attempt it independently.

Tutorial Services

The Tutorial Services Program supports a wide range of subjects and specific courses through scheduled drop-in, online, and individual appointment tutoring. Extensive drop-in hours give students the greatest range of schedule options for help in most subjects; a modest fee is charged for unlimited help in any one subject. Individual weekly appointments are available to students in nearly all disciplines on an hourly fee-support basis. Each semester's tutoring schedule is posted online. Students in academic support programs such as EOP, SSSP, and DSS should contact program advisors regarding tutoring resources.

ESL Support Services

For students whose primary language is not English, the International Students' Conversation Lab provides extensive opportunities to develop English fluency, work on academic language or course assignments and to discuss cultural experiences. Students who need to increase their English language skills to fulfill the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) may obtain weekly with ESL Specialist appointments when referred by the GWAR/WPE Advisor. These services are free to all students.

Getting Started

Students may contact the LAC receptionist (562-985-5350) to schedule appointments, inquire about walk-in hours, or seek additional information. Further information can also be obtained in person on the first floor of Academic Services or via the LAC website (www.csulb/lac).

Prebaccalaureate Advising Support Services

Prebaccalaureate Advising Support Services (PASS) is located in LA5, Room 361. The telephone number is (562)985-7895,

Prebaccalaureate Advising Support Services (PASS) provides advising as well as support to students in course placement and in developing the composition and mathematics skills needed to prepare them for the required Freshmen-level composition and mathematics courses. PASS does this by providing a combination of services.

Placement: To receive information about placement into appropriate-level courses and to maintain compliance with Executive Order 665, PASS monitors course placement by advising students into the following review/developmental courses: ASAM 1, B/ST 1, CHLS 1, ENGL 1E, ALP/ALI 145, ALP/ALI 150, MAPB 1, and/or MAPB 7 or 11. If placed into these courses, students must complete the prebaccalaureate requirement within 2 semesters.

Tracking: PASS monitors students' progress through the sequence of prebaccalarueate writing skills and mathematics courses required for entrance into Freshmen-level composition and/or mathematics courses. The goal is to be sure that students are making progress and completing the prebaccalaureate classes as stated in Executive Order 665.

Intervention: If students have difficulty in any course while enrolled in the review/developmental courses, PASS counselors can help students by recommending referrals as necessary such as tutoring, diagnostic testing, and learning skills strategies.

Partners for Success - Faculty Mentoring Students Program

The Partners for Success Office is located in the University Student Union (USU-224). The telephone number is (562) 985-7562. Interested students may apply at

For a variety of reasons, many first-generation students - students with parents who do not possess a bachelors degree - find it challenging to complete their college education. In an effort to retain and graduate these students, a program co-sponsored by Academic Affairs and the Division of Student Services is offered to pair students with faculty members who serve in the capacity of mentors. A mentor, in this case, is an experienced professor who acts as a friendly advisor, helping students become comfortable and successful in the university environment.

Student Transition and Retention Services (STARS)

A range of programs, services, and opportunities to assist new and continuing students are offered through Student Transition and Retention Services (STARS). STARS oversees Student Orientation, Advising and Registration (SOAR), which is the university-required, new student orientation workshop. It is also responsible for continuing orientation, retention programming and leadership development opportunities such as Life Guard Stations, Student Services Festival, Majors Fair, and Operation: Return to The Beach.

STARS is located in Foundation Building, Suite 160 and can be contacted at (562) 985-5515,, or