Tutoring in Math and Science


  • Tutoring in Science and Math

    Tutoring in science and math is available in the Jensen SAS Center starting February 4, 2019. View Peer Mentor schedule.

  • Apply to Be a Peer Mentor

    Interested in being a paid tutor for math and science? Apply to Be a Peer Mentor. Application Deadline: March 26, 2019.

There are multiple centers on campus that tutor courses offered by the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics:

Reasons for Receiving Tutoring

You can seek out tutoring for a variety of reasons:

  • review before a test
  • review exam results and missed homework problems
  • gain study skills and time management strategies
  • overcome struggling with a particular concept or problem
  • build your confidence in a subject matter
  • stay on top of your homework and study routine.

Types of Tutoring

Tutoring can take different forms:

  • coming to the tutoring center with a set of question you need assistance with
  • studying in the tutoring center and ask a tutor questions as they arise
  • "teaching" the tutor what you have learned and have them review your knowledge
  • having a tutor quiz you before test
  • visiting the center with a group of friends and inviting the tutor to help with any problem areas.
  • ask your academic advisor about individual tutoring if you would like an assigned Peer Mentor

Benefits of Tutoring

You can benefit from tutoring in a number of ways:

  • increase your confidence in a particular subject matter as well as in your academic skills
  • build connections with upperclass students and classmates
  • increase your opportunity for success in forthcoming courses
  • learn new study and problem-solving strategies.

Contact Jensen SAS Center

Valerie Bagley, Coordinator