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Pre-Health at the Beach: Whitaker Health Professions Advising Office


  • Appointments

    Appointments are available Mondays and Thursdays. Appointments are ONLY for juniors and seniors currently in the 2017 application cycle. All other students may attend group advising and workshops.

    If you are applying in 2017 to Medical, Dental, PA, OT, or Optometry Programs, you can schedule an appointment. For help, please see: how to make an appointment.

  • Drop-In Advising

    Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Once you attend a Pre-Health 101 Session you may attend drop-in advising for individual quick questions in the Health Professions Advising Office. Times and dates will be posted on HPAO BeachSync.

  • Workshops/Info Sessions

    Join HPAO BeachSync to see workshop times and locations.

Pre-Health at the Beach

The Health Professions Advising Office (HPAO) provides a wide range of advising and support services designed to meet the needs of CSULB students as they navigate through the often-complex process of preparation and application to professional school. HPAO serves students interested in pursuing graduate level health professions including medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, veterinary, and physician assistant.

Join HPAO BeachSync to get notifications on upcoming events such as group advising sessions, seminars, health professions fairs, workshops and pre-health opportunities.

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Lena Njoku, Coordinator

Please include your student ID number in all email correspondence.


Appointments are for juniors and seniors applying 2017. Schedule an Appointment.

For help, please see how to make an appointment.