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Los Angeles' 100 Best Books - 1998
(Outstanding preK-12 Literature - A Balanced Library Acquisition Program)


About the Book Selection Program
1997 List
1999 List
Picture Books
Large-Print, Early Reader Books
Emergent-Reader Transitional Books
Story Collection
000 - General Works / Computers
100 - Philosophy and Psychology
200 - Religions
300 - Social Sciences
398.2 - Folklore
400 - Languages
500 - Pure Sciences
600 - Applied Science and Technology
700 - Arts
800 - Literature
900 - Geography and History
920 - Biography - Autobiography

All these books were published in 1998.

Picture Books (12)

Bunting, Eve So Far from the Sea (Clarion)
Karas, G. Brian The Windy Day (Simon)
Keller, Laurie The Scrambled States of America (Holt)
Lewin, Ted The Storytellers (Lothrop)
London, Jonathan Phantom of the Prairie (Sierra Club)
Meade, Holly John Willy and Freddy McGee (Marshall Cavendish)
Polacco, Patricia Thank You, Mr. Falker (Philomel)
Santiago, Chiori Home to Medicine Mountain (Childrens Book Press)
Shannon, David No, David! (Scholastic/Blue Sky)
Shulevitz, Uri Snow (Farrar)
Wells, Rosemary Yoko (Hyperion)
Yolen, Jane Raising Yoder’s Barn (Little)


Large-Print, Early Reader Books (1)
(Fiction books with large print and limited vocabulary, hence useful for the early reader)

Isadora, Rachel Caribbean Dream (Putnam)


Emergent-Reader Transitional Books (2)
(Fiction books with numerous pictures in which the text conveys meaning independent of the illustrations; useful for the newly-fluent reader as a transition to longer books)

Hood, Susan Too-Tall Paul, Too-Small Paul (Millbrook Press)
Walker, Sally The 18 Penny Goose (HarperCollins)


Fiction (11)
(Books of prose that may have some basis in fact but which are primarily a product of the author’s imagination)

Block, Francesca Lia I Was a Teenage Fairy (HarperCollins)
Cormier, Robert Heroes (Delacorte)
Ferris, Jean Bad (Farrar)
Flake, Sharon The Skin I’m In (Hyperion/Jump at the Sun)
Miklowitz, Gloria Masada (Eerdmans)
Paulsen, Gary Soldier’s Heart (Delacorte)
Rowling, J.K. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (Levine)
Ryan, Pam Riding Freedom (Scholastic)
Sachar, Louis Holes (Farrar)
Warner, Sally Sort of Forever (Knopf)
Wilson, Diane I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade (Orchard)


Story Collection (2)
(A collection of fictional short stories by one or more authors)

Fraustino, Lisa Dirty Laundry (Viking)
Johnson, Angela Gone from Home (Dorling Kindersley)


000 - General Works / Computers (0)


100 - Philosophy and Psychology (1)

Wick, Walter Optical Tricks (Scholastic)


200 - Religions (3)

Manushkin, Fran Miriam’s Cup (Scholastic)
Mayer, Marianna Pegasus (Morrow)
Swartz, Nancy In Our Image: God’s First Creatures (Jewish Lights)


300 - Social Sciences (10)

Ancona, George Fiesta Fireworks (Lothrop)
Bell, Ruth Changing Bodies, Changing Lives (Times Books)
Cave, Kathryn W Is for World (Silver)
Ford, Michael Outspoken (Morrow)
Horton, Chris The Encyclopedia of Cars (7 vol.) (Chelsea House)
Jackson, Ellen Turn of the Century (Charlesbridge)
Kuklin, Susan Iqbal Masih and the Crusaders Against Child Slavery (Holt)
Lester, Julius From Slave Ship to Freedom Road (Dial)
Myers, Walter Amistad (Dutton)
Parker, David Stolen Dreams (Lerner)


398.2 - Folklore (5)

Babbit, Natalie (reteller) Ouch! (HarperCollins)
Beeler, Selby Throw Your Tooth on the Roof (Houghton)
Bodkin, Odds The Crane Wife (Harcourt/Gulliver)
Demi The Greatest Treasure (Scholastic)
San Souci, Robert Cendrillon (Simon)


400 - Languages (1)

Lester, Alison Alice and Aldo (Houghton)


500 - Pure Sciences (11)

Arnold, Caroline El Niño (Clarion)
Arnosky, Jim Watching Desert Wildlife (National Geographic Society)
Brett-Surman, Michael James Gurney (Greenwich Workshop)
Hooper, Meredith The Drop in My Drink (Viking)
Huck, Charlotte A Creepy Countdown (Greenwillow)
Johnson, Stephen City by Numbers (Viking)
Schwartz, David G is for Googol (Tricycle Press)
Scott, Elaine Close Encounters (Hyperion)
Swinburne, Stephen Moon in Bear’s Eyes (Millbrook Press)
Wright-Frierson, Virginia An Island Scrapbook (Simon)
Yolen, Jane Welcome to the Ice House (Putnam)


600 - Applied Science and Technology (7)

Bingham, Caroline Monster Machines (Dorling Kindersley)
Lauber, Patricia The True-or-False Book of Cats (National Geographic Society)
Macaulay, David The New Way Things Work (Houghton)
McMillan, Bruce Salmon Summer (Houghton)
Platt, Richard Incredible Body (Dorling Kindersley)
Rosen, Michael Down to Earth (Harcourt)
Sturges, Philemon Bridges Are to Cross (Putnam)


700 - Arts (6)

Cooke, Mervyn The Chronicle of Jazz (Abbeville)
Hamilton, Jake Special Effects in Film and Television (Dorling Kindersley)
Igus, Toyomi I See the Rhythm (Childrens Book Press)
Marcus, Leonard A Caldecott Celebration (Walker)
Morris, Ann Play (Lothrop)
Reynolds, David Star Wars: Incredible Cross-Sections (Dorling Kindersley)


800 - Literature (5)

Clinton, Catherine I, Too, Sing America (Houghton)
Florian, Douglas Insectiopedia: Poems and Paintings (Harcourt)
George, Kristine Old Elm Speaks (Clarion)
Philip, Neil War and the Pity of War (Clarion)
Wood, Nancy Sacred Fire (Doubleday)


900 - Geography and History (13)

Ballard, Robert D. Ghost Liners (Little)
Blumberg, Rhoda What’s the Deal? (National Geographic Society)
Deem, James Bodies from the Bog (Houghton)
Hastins, James African Beginnings (Lothrop)
Jenkins, Steve Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest (Houghton)
Kaplan, William One More Border (Groundwood)
McKee, Timothy No More Strangers Now (Dorling Kindersley)
Peacock, Louise Crossing the Delaware (Atheneum)
Rabinovici, Schoschana Thanks to My Mother (Dial)
Reinhard, Johan Discovering the Inca Ice Maiden (National Geographic Society)
Rockwell, Anne Our Earth (Harcourt/Silver Whistle)
Sis, Peter Tibet (Farrar)
Yolen, Jane House, House (Marshall Cavendish)


920 - Biography - Autobiography

Anderson, William Laura’s Album (HarperCollins)
Carlson, Laurie Boss of the Plains (Dorling Kindersley)
Cummings, Pat Talking with Adventures (National Geographic Society)
Freedman, Russell Martha Graham (Clarion)
Gollub, Matthew Cool Melons –– Turn to Frogs! The Life and Poems of Issa (Lee & Low)
Krull, Kathleen Lives of the Presidents (Harcourt)
Lobel, Anita No Pretty Pictures (Greenwillow)
Martin, Jacqueline Snowflake Bentley (Houghton)
Partridge, Elizabeth Restless Spirit (Viking)
Pinkney, Andrea Duke Ellington (Hyperion)



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