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Leadership in IRA CL/R SIG
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Directory of Leaders of the IRA CL/R SIG

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Leadership in IRA CL/R SIG

We are proud of the many outstanding IRA members who have joined together in the IRA CL/R SIG so that together we can make a difference in improving literacy through advocating for the use of children’s literature.

Get to know our leaders by contacting them via email, introducing yourself to them at conventions, etc. Our formal leadership structure includes our
Elected Officers, Appointed Officers, and Members of the Board of Directors,
Members of Committees, and our
IRA CL/R SIG Network

If you are a leader in your area –– or if you would like to be –– then we invite you to become active in our group and share your talents and ideas with us!


First Steps in IRA CL/R SIG Leadership

The first step in leadership in this group is becoming a member. Because we are a special interest group of the International Reading Association, membership in IRA is required. Our members also must subscribe to The Dragon Lode.

We encourage you to share your love of children’s books with all others you come in contact with, to encourage parents to read hundreds of books to their children so that they are “thousand book children” by the time they begin formal schooling. We suggest that you share books with those you love, giving them as gifts to individuals and schools, and that you yourself let others know in multiple ways that you love reading and you love books! Encourage teachers you know to share excellent books with their students and to help them get hooked on literacy. There are lots of excellent ideas for all of these things in The Dragon Lode.

Our website has many ideas for simple things YOU can do to make a difference in spreading the good word about children’s literature and reading and this group. You might even be interested in forming a special interest council (SIC) to focus on children’s literature and reading in your state! (SIGs are groups within IRA; SICs are affiliate councils within a state or provincial council.)

If you are interested in an official leadership position in this group (we hope you are!) so that you can experience being part of a larger team with opportunities to share your successes with others, then please join the IRA CL/R SIG Network.

As you become comfortable with our group, and if your goals and ours match, perhaps you would be interested in service on one of our committees or perhaps you would like to run for an office or a position on our Board of Directors (let the nominations chair know of your interest).

As in all of the IRA councils and special interest groups, active participation and involvement is a key to leadership development. It is our hope that as you help us grow, we in turn will help you grow!


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