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Children's Literature and Reading Special Interest Group of the International Reading Association .........................A Non-Profit Organization

Organizational Information

Policy / Procedures Manual
Operations Timeline
Board Meeting Minutes
Annual Reports


Our Bylaws identify how we operate as a democratic organization. Created with input from members and approved by them, the Bylaws identify the roles and responsibilities of leaders and specify realms of authority. Since we are chartered by the International Reading Association, the IRA also approves the Bylaws. Members are encouraged to become familiar with the Bylaws and to suggest changes to extend the impact of our mission and improve service to our members.



Policy / Procedures Manual

Various policies which have been established over the years influence how we conduct business on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, the various leaders develop patterns of conducting their work and interfacing with other leaders which need to be transparent to all members of the Board of Directors and to other interested members in order for this organization to operate effectively since leaders and members are disbursed in such an expansive geography. This information is essential for successors in various offices and committees.

This information, currently in the process of being written down, is informed by the Bylaws and many items are subject to change as leaders create procedures to improve our work.

Input is strongly encouraged. Please send information to Dr. Kaye West-Anderson.



Operations Timeline

A timeline is intended to place the tasks which need to be completed by various leaders and committees into a sequence to facilitate their interfacing with one another and to increase the transparency of our operations. The timeline is currently being written down. Input is strongly encouraged. Please send information to Dr. Kaye West-Anderson.



Board Meeting Minutes

The IRA CL/R SIG Board of Directors meets twice annually, once at the International Reading Association Convention in late April / early May and again at the annual convention of the National Council of Teachers of English, in late November.



Annual Reports

Our Bylaws call for various leaders and committees to make annual reports. Posting them on our website provides a means of making sure all members have ready access to information from the various committees which serve the group and provides an ongoing history for the group.




This is the repository for indexing outdated online documents. In addition to online documents, the current editor has possession of past issues of The Dragon Lode bound into permanent volumes by editor, and various officers have materials which they have assembled and/or received from their predecessors.

Information included in the Archives includes:
• Past Officers and Members of the Board of Directors
• Past Committee Directories
• Past IRA Program Information


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