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Undergraduate Student Audition Dates

For admission to Fall 2020 Semester

Saturday, February 1, 2020

  • Brass
  • Instrumental Jazz
  • Instrumental Music Education Interviews
  • Keyboards
  • Percussion
  • Vocal Jazz
  • Voice Performance

Saturday, February 8, 2020

  • Strings
  • Voice Education
  • Woodwinds

Friday, February 28, 2020

  • Brass
  • Instrumental Music Education Interviews
  • Keyboard
  • Percussion
  • Strings
  • Voice Education
  • Voice Performance
  • Woodwinds

For admission to Spring 2021 Semester

  • Dates TBA.

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Audition Reservations

You may reserve your Fall 2020 audition date below.

Prescreening Requirements



Please note both Keyboard Studies and Jazz Studies require pre-screening before you can schedule.

Undergraduate Transfer Students

Please note Keyboard Studies, Jazz Studies, Vocal Performance, and Vocal/Choral Music Education require pre-screening before you can schedule.

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Schedule Your Audition

Please schedule your audition even if you have not yet submitted your University Application through Cal State Apply.

We are now scheduling auditions for the Fall 2020 semester. Schedule your appointment by selecting your instrument and picking an available time and date below.

📲  Note to mobile phone users: you may be redirected to a third-party website if cookies are not enabled. That website is best viewed in landscape mode on your phone.****


🕒  Audition times are approximate and are subject to change. You will be notified two weeks in advance if your audition time is changed.

If you have any trouble scheduling your audition please contact

About Your Audition

A performance audition is required for acceptance into the degree programs of the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music. Prospective students should schedule a music audition before you receive notification of your acceptance into the university. All entering freshmen and undergraduate transfer students who have been admitted to the university are required to pass a performance audition and take a theory placement examination.

Audition Requirements

Students wishing to audition should prepare solo, etude, or art song material from the standard repertoire of approximately 10 minutes in length. The selection(s) should demonstrate both technical and lyrical skills. For specific audition requirements see table below.

Theory Placement Exam

The Theory Placement Exam is a diagnostic test used to determine the appropriate level of theory in which the student should enroll. The test is offered on each audition day and the first Friday of each semester.

Pre-Screening Auditions

Pre-screening auditions are required for prospective Voice Transfers, Keyboard Studies, and Jazz Studies students. Please contact 562-985-4781 for more information.

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Undergraduate & Transfer Audition Requirements / Area Director Contacts

Program Undergraduate Audition Requirements Area Director
Brass Brass brass.pdf Rob Frear
Choral, Vocal, and Opera Voice voice_ugrad.pdf
**Vocal Performance Transfer Students: Prescreening video required**
Transfers voice_transfer_prescreen.pdf
Vocal Performance—Alexander Hahn
Vocal/Choral Music Education— Joshua Palkki
Conducting (Choral) Music Audition required; please prepare your audition according to the requirements for your individual instrument or voice on this page. If you have any questions, please contact the area director of your instrument.
Conducting (Orchestral) Please contact your area director for more info. Johannes Müller-Stosch
Conducting (Winds) Please contact your area director for more info. John Carnahan
Composition Audition required; please contact the area director of your instrument.
**Composition Transfer Students** must also submit a portfolio. See additional guidelines here:
Composition Auditions
Jazz Instrumental inst_jazz_ugrad.pdf
Vocal vocal_jazz_ugrad.pdf
**Prescreening audition required**; please follow the audition instructions in each document carefully.
Instrumental—Jeff Jarvis
Vocal—Christine Guter
Keyboard Piano piano.pdf
Organ organ.pdf
**Prescreening application required**; please visit the Keyboard Auditions page for additional instructions.
Shun-Lin Chou
Music Education

**Students who wish to become teachers in K-12 schools should audition as music education majors.

***Students who wish to be studio teachers or who plan to go directly to graduate school after their undergraduate studies would be better served with a performance degree.

Instrumental Music Education majors must schedule an interview in order to complete their application. If there are no interview dates available, email Dr. Tamara Thies at

Audition required; Instrumentalists—follow specific guidelines for your instrument. Specific questions regarding your area’s requirements are best answered by your area directly, not music education—please send email inquiries to your Area Director.

If you’re auditioning in the area of Choral/Vocal Music Education, the audition is exactly the same as that for the Voice audition (above).

If you are auditioning for the ConneXion cohort, please follow the connexion-cohort.pdf instructions for additional audition information.

Tamara Thies
Music History Audition required; please contact the area director of your instrument.
Percussion Percussion percussion_ugrad.pdf Ted Atkatz


  1. An Etude or a Caprice (or a self-chosen piece)
  2. One movement of Unaccompanied Bach Sonata or Partita
  3. A movement of a Concerto


  1. An Etude or a Caprice (or a self-chosen piece)
  2. One movement of Unaccompanied Bach Cello Suite, or Violin Sonata or Partita
  3. A movement of a Concerto


  1. An Etude or a Caprice (or a self-chosen piece)
  2. One movement of Unaccompanied Bach Suite
  3. A movement of a Concerto


Two pieces of contrasting styles

Bass: bass_ugrad.pdf

Note: If you wish to audition with a different set of pieces, please email Moni Simeonov

Woodwinds Bassoon bassoon_ugrad.pdf
Clarinet clarinet.pdf
Flute flute.pdf
Oboe oboe.pdf
Saxophone saxophone_ugrad.pdf
Jermie Arnold

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What To Expect On Audition Day


When you arrive for auditions you’ll be greeted by a student volunteer in the parking lot who will provide you with a parking pass, orient you towards the Bob Cole Conservatory and, if necessary, help you unload large instruments. They will direct you to Registration. All of our student volunteers, staff, and faculty will be wearing name tags.

Parking Map + Directions PDF format (1.1m) cole_directions.pdf


The Registration tables are in the lobby of Daniel Recital Hall. Student volunteers will check you in by area, ensure that you have an audition form, answer any questions, and offer a map of the department to you. You’ll also get a name tag.


We’ll have complimentary coffee, tea, juice, water, and breakfast pastries for you in the lobby of Daniel Recital Hall.

Opening Session

You’ll start your day with a 20-minute orientation in Daniel Recital Hall. We’ll begin with a short performance by one our ensembles. Then you’ll hear about what it means to be a student at the Bob Cole Conservatory and also about what to expect if you are accepted to the conservatory and the university.

Waiting Rooms

A student volunteer will walk you to a room where you and your family can wait until it is your turn to audition. A volunteer will come to get you from the waiting room when it is your turn to warm up.


A volunteer will walk you to a practice room to warm up. You’ll get about 10-15 minutes to warm up.


A student volunteer will walk you to your audition. Hand your audition form to one of the faculty members. Excellent accompanists are provide for voice auditions.

Preliminary Theory Placement

Either before or directly after you audition, you’ll take a short theory test. This assesses whether you should be in a two-unit course or a five-unit course; you’ll need this information for summer registration.

Meet & Greet

Several faculty members will be available to answer your questions about specific programs.

Campus Tour

Student volunteers will take small groups on campus tours. They’ll answer any questions you might have as they show you some of the 322 acres of campus. If you plan to take a tour, bring walking shoes.

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