California State University, Long Beach

Policy Statement


August 06, 1996

Policy Governing Access To and Use of CSULB Computing Resources

Approved by CSULB Academic Senate in May 1996 and by President Maxson in August 1996


Paper copies of this document are available from the Academic Senate office.




In support of its mission to provide excellent instruction, modern research, and meaningful service, California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) offers computing resources to its students, faculty, and staff. These resources contribute to the work of all members of the University community and, therefore, must be used with great care.

This document is intended to help set the tone for computing and for the use of computing resources at CSULB: respect for the rights of all users and fair use by all so as to guarantee equitable access to all users. The goal of the University in providing computing resources is to give users powerful tools to further their academic endeavors. (Administrative computing resources at CSULB -- those not used in academic endeavors -- are not addressed by this policy.) The privacy of all users and of all of their files is a fundamental right that should be respected by all. You should never use the computing resources in any way that violates the privacy of others. Clearly defined procedures established to protect your rights will consistently be followed as the University maintains the computing system.

Careful and ethical use of computing resources is the responsibility of every user. As a user of these resources, you agree to be subject to the guidelines of the "Policy Governing Access to and Use of CSULB Computing Resources." These guidelines apply to all computing resources provided by the University; some guidelines are more directly related to time sharing systems, some to microcomputers and local area networks, and some to all systems. This document includes and expands upon those guidelines, and contains a glossary of the technical terms used in the policy.

Acknowledgements: This Policy has been adapted primarily from the policy in use at the University of Kentucky, with additional ideas from the University of Delaware (especially the section on plagiarism!) and elsewhere.


CSULB Academic Senate, Educational Resources Committee
Subcommittee on Computer Policy,