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Piano Class Information: MUS 120A/B, MUS 220A/B

All BCCM undergraduate music majors must demonstrate basic piano proficiency in order to graduate. This can be done in two ways: by enrolling in the Class Piano Sequence and passing MUS 220B, or by passing the Piano Proficiency Exam.

Class Piano Sequence

The Class Piano sequence can be used to fulfill the piano proficiency requirement. This is a four-semester sequence (MUS 120A, 120B, 220A, and 220B), and passing MUS 220B signifies completing the piano proficiency requirement.

If students have previous piano experience but do not feel ready to pass the Piano Proficiency Exam, they can reach out to Dr. Sam Grodin to determine which class in the sequence is right for them.

Piano Proficiency Examination (PPE)

Students who do not enroll in MUS 220B must pass the Piano Proficiency Exam in order to graduate. BCCM faculty strongly encourage students to fulfill this requirement by the end of their junior year (or the fourth semester for junior transfers) in order to ensure that they graduate on time.

Please log into BeachBoard/Canvas to see the specific Piano Proficiency Exam requirements. The exam is an in-person assessment that includes repertoire, scales, arpeggios, chord progressions, harmonization, transposition, open-score reading, and sight-reading.

Students should be aware that the PPE is meant for students with significant piano experience and who have prepared rigorously for the exam. Students with little piano experience are not likely to pass the exam and are advised to enroll in the classes.

Please email Dr. Sam Grodin at if you have any questions, if you would like to assess where in the sequence you should be placed, or if you would like to schedule a Piano Proficiency Exam.

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