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Latest update: July 24, 2023.

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Junior and Senior Recital
Recital Procedures
Recital Syllabus
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Junior and Senior Recital

Junior Recital

Satisfactory completion of MUS 323, Junior Recital, is a requirement in the performance option. Each student approved for a junior recital should register for MUS 323 during the semester in which the recital will be completed. Junior recital approval must be attempted in the first jury after passing the UDSE.

Senior Recital

MUS 423A, Senior Recital is a prerequisite to graduation for all B.M. music majors (Music Composition majors must complete MUS 423B). Each student approved for a senior recital should register for the course during the semester in which the recital will be completed. For specific information on senior projects see your Area Director. Senior recital approval for students who came in as first-time-first-year students should be attempted in the 8th semester of study and no later than the 9th. Transfer students should attempt recital approval in the 5th semester of study.


Junior or Senior Recitals contain repertoire that requires 45 minutes of actual playing time. Check with your instructor or area director if you have questions about the repertoire you want to perform or the length of your recital.

Recital Dates

Some areas have deadlines for the last acceptable recital date. Recital dates area also dependent on your area director and instructor’s availability. When choosing a date, make sure your instructor, area director, and accompanist can attend. You may not be able to change your recital date once the recital schedule is published.

For more detailed information please carefully read the Recital Syllabus (below) and the BCCM CSULB Catalog.

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Recital Procedures

  1. Plan to attend the mandatory Recital Orientation Meeting at the beginning of the semester in which you plan to give your recital.
  2. Download and read carefully the Recital Syllabus:

    Download: recital_syllabus.pdf Adobe PDF (190k)

  3. Be sure to prepare your recital program by using the appropriate Recital Program Template below.
    **Students must COMPLETE their recitals before the beginning of finals.
  1. Submit your recital materials online using the DocuSign links by area/instrument:
    **You cannot be graded without filling out this paperwork.

DocuSign Links

Brass Studies


Jazz Studies (Vocal and Instrumental)

Keyboard Studies

Percussion, Strings, and Woodwinds

Voice Studies

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Recital Program Templates

Senior/Junior Recital Program Cover

The Senior/Junior recital program cover can be downloaded here in Adobe Acrobat format:

Download small format: undergrad_recital_cover_sm.pdf Adobe PDF (864k) **

Download large format: undergrad_recital_cover_lg.pdf Adobe PDF (3.2m) **

** Note to users: do not open this document with the Apple Preview application or try to fill it out in your browser. Use Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to edit the cover on both Mac and PC. This will ensure that it uses the correct fonts and prints properly.

Graduate Recitals

Graduate students are required to do a recital as part of your degree. There is no extra paperwork to submit, however you must complete your recital approval in your third semester. Work with your instructor and area director to ensure you are meeting the appropriate repertoire and duration requirements.

Schedule your recital at the beginning of your final semester with Marcus Carline. Dates are first-come, first-served, but graduate students get priority.

Graduate Recital Program Cover

The Graduate recital program cover can be downloaded here in Adobe Acrobat format:

Download: grad_recital_cover.pdf Adobe PDF (1.4m) **

** Note to Apple Mac users: do not open this document with the Preview application. Use Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to edit the cover. This will ensure that it prints properly.

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