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Frequently Asked Questions

Latest update: December 10, 2020.

This document has been updated to accommodate changes in procedures during COVID-19. Please read it carefully.

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Undergraduate Students

How do I apply to be a music major at CSULB?

You will need to submit an application to CSULB during the application period of October 1-November 30 for Fall admission and August 1-31 for Spring admission. Apply to CSULB using CalStateApply.

Where can I find admissions requirements for the University?

Please see Admissions for admission requirements for freshmen and transfers including transfer major specific requirements and supplemental application criteria (auditions).

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I am interested in attending the Bob Cole Conservatory of Music for my undergrad. Do I need to audition?

Yes, all music majors are required to audition and/or complete a pre-screening and interview to be admitted to the BCCM. Please see Undergraduate Auditions page for specific requirements. You must fill out and submit the Application Form on the Undergraduate Auditions page to begin the audition/prescreening process.

What is required for the Audition?

Audition requirements vary by area. Please visit the Undergraduate Auditions page to view the table of requirements for your instrument/voice. You will need to have your audition link ready at the time you fill out the Audition Form.

When should I audition?

Auditions are held in February for students entering in the Fall semester and October for students entering in Spring semester (Spring admission is for transfer students only and is subject to the Chancellor’s Office opening admissions). Specific dates and/or deadlines for submission are updated on the Undergraduate Auditions page. Students should audition the semester before they intend to enroll as a music major. Auditions for our Jazz Studies and Graduate programs are held once a year for admittance in the Fall semester.

How long should my audition video be?

Your audition recording can last anywhere from 8-15 minutes depending on the area for which you are auditioning. Check the table of requirements for your instrument/voice on the Undergraduate Auditions page to be sure you cover everything in your audition video.

What if I miss the deadline for submitting my Video Audition?

If you miss the deadline for video audition submission, you must contact the Area Director of your instrument. If you have questions please contact the BCCM office at (562) 985-4781 or

I have auditioned and been accepted to the Conservatory, but I have not heard from the University. What do I do?

Acceptance to the BCCM does not guarantee acceptance into the University. You must also be admitted by the University in order to enroll. If you have questions regarding your application to the University please contact the BCCM office (562) 985-4781 or Beach Central (562) 985-5471.

Do I need to pass the audition in order to take music classes?

The majority of our classes are only available to our declared music majors—those who have successfully completed an audition. There are, however, some classes open to the entire student population. Please check the course catalog and schedule of classes to view the courses being offered.

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How do I get credit for music courses taken elsewhere?

Courses taken at a California Community College (CCC) that are articulated with CSULB will only be counted for credit for lower division courses (100 and 200 level courses at CSULB). Courses that are considered upper division at CSULB (300 and 400 level) cannot be transferred for credit. Refer to for articulation with specific CCCs.

Can you tell me if my transfer classes will count at CSULB? will identify any California Community College course and its articulation with a CSULB course.

Whom can I contact about transfer units?

Please contact Beach Central.

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Are scholarships available for incoming students?

Yes, there are university scholarships and financial aid available for incoming students with financial need and talent scholarships for incoming students by audition for the Conservatory. Talent scholarships are determined at the audition. Most scholarships are renewable: renewals require you to be in good standing, making satisfactory progress toward your degree, and maintain the appropriate GPA required for your particular scholarship. You must also perform in ensembles as determined by the Conservatory. Scholarships are credited to your university account.

Unlike most other universities, we charge no additional fees for private lessons. They are a part of your acceptance package.

Students must submit the FAFSA annually to be eligible for any scholarships.

Financial Aid

Where can I get information on financial aid?

Visit the Financial Aid pages.

Am I eligible for financial aid?

Eligibility requirements can be found on the Financial Aid Policies page.

How do I apply for the FAFSA?

Visit the How To Apply page.

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What is the GWAR?

The CSU requires all students to complete the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR). The GWAR requirement begins with the GPE, a placement exam. This exam is used to place students into pathways that give them opportunities to achieve required learning outcomes.

What are the possible GWAR Pathways?

Please see Admissions for admission requirements for freshmen and transfers including transfer major specific requirements and supplemental application criteria (auditions).

How do I sign-up for the GPE?

Register for the GPE using the GPE Registration form.

When do I have to take the GPE?

Undergraduate students must attempt the GPE when they have achieved between 30-50 cumulative units, and transfer students shall complete the GPE preferably before they enroll at CSULB, but no later than their first semester of enrollment.

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Freqently Used Forms

Frequently used forms are available at the Enrollment Services > Forms page.

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How do I apply to graduate?

Filing for graduation tells the University that you believe you will have completed all of your degree requirements by the term you indicate. You must meet the criteria to file to graduate. This is different from participating in commencement ceremonies. Applying to graduate is done in myCSULB. Students must apply by October 15 of the preceding semester to graduate in spring/summer. Students must apply by March 1 of the preceding semester to graduate in Fall/Winter.

When do I apply to graduate?

Students must apply by October 15 of the preceding semester to graduate in spring/summer. Students must apply by March 1 of the preceding semester to graduate in Fall/Winter.

Can I walk in commencement ceremonies?

CSULB holds commencement ceremonies in May. If you are completing your degree within the academic year, you are welcome to participate in spring ceremonies. Fall graduates may choose to participate in the ceremony the previous or the following May from their degree completion term.

When is graduation?

The BCCM is in the College of the Arts. See the Commencement website for the date and time.

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Post-Baccalaureate Credential Students

I’m a Post-Baccalaureate Single Subject Music Crediential student and I need access to register for a specific undergraduate class. Whom do I ask?

Post-Baccalaureate Single Subject Music Credential students who need permission to add specific Music Education undergraduate courses, please fill out this form:

Single Subject Credential Student Request for Class form

If you have any further questions, please contact the SSCP Advisor, Tamara Thies, at

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